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My Community FCU Begins Summer Jeans Fundraiser
Monday, June 1, 2015 6:50 AM

Most people love wearing jeans, so it doesn't take much to inspire their participation in a good cause to do it. In that spirit, My Community Federal Credit Union is sponsoring a fundraiser that gives its employees the opportunity to wear jeans every day for the entire summer.

For a monthly donation, any individual may wear jeans every day of the month (unless an outside event warrants professional business dress). The individuals donating will also be allowed to wear tennis shoes with their jeans. For an additional monthly donation, individuals will be allowed to wear flip-flops on Fridays. 

The structure of the fundraiser ensures executives must donate a higher amount to ensure their contributions have a similar financial impact, and the credit union is also sponsoring a monthly contest to encourage healthy competition.

To make donations simple, My Community FCU is offering a payroll deduction plan, and employees may elect to participate for one month or three—the full summer, which allows payments to be spread out over ten pay periods. This practice will make it easier for everyone to participate.

Employees and management are broken up into teams, and at the end of every month, the amounts are tabulated and a winner selected. Some of the rewards for participating in the fundraiser include various prizes. For instance, the first-place team in the monthly competition would be able to wear jeans for an additional two weeks beyond the end of the fundraiser. The second-place team would get breakfast cooked by the credit union executives, and the third-place team would win a pizza party.

The prizes will be based on overall total funds raised to potential total funds raised; but will not be awarded unless the credit union achieves the minimum goal of 80 percent participation rate.

Last year, the credit union had an 85 percent participation rate, surpassing their goal of 75 percent. They also raised over $10,000, while exhibiting tremendous spirit of competition and ultimately gave some pretty cool awards to the top three teams. 

Where do all the funds go?

The majority of the funds raised during the fundraising period will go to the Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation, the non-profit organization dedicated to promoting financial education programs for youth and adults; providing access to professional development for credit union staff and volunteers; and offering financial relief for credit union staff and their families when disaster strikes.

Last year, My Community FCU raised the most money of any single credit union in the tri-state Cornerstone region. My Community's CEO Donna Neal who is also a board member for the Foundation was thrilled to represent such a huge accomplishment in front of her fellow board members and to challenge them to meet or beat their efforts.

Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation Executive Director Courtney Moran said, “My Community FCU conducted the single largest credit union fundraiser in 2014, period. There are credit unions that do contribute more than $10,000 via a direct contribution or through a dues drive, but not as a staff fundraiser."

Moran went on to say, "We had a chapter raise $20,000 in 2014, but that was a collective event as a chapter, not just one credit union. In other words, My Community FCU rocks!”

Want to learn more about this special fundraising campaign? You can view the video posted on the Foundation’s website at