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Motivational Speaker Aric Bostick Fires Up CU Audience
Tuesday, April 22, 2014 6:50 AM

Aric Bostick

Credit union leaders – professionals and volunteers alike - filled the Grand Hyatt Texas Ballroom this morning to “Get Fired Up” with Aric Bostick, regarded as one of the nation’s top motivational speakers. Bostick was the opening general session presenter at the Cornerstone Credit Union League’s Annual Meeting & Expo taking place this week in San Antonio.

“You are in best business on the planet!” an enthusiastic Bostick told the credit union audience. “It’s important work you’re doing. There are real people behind those numbers.”

“Get Fired Up” is the motivational presentation Bostick uses to inspire and encourage individuals around the U.S. ranging from elementary school children to employees of Fortune 500 companies. As soon as Bostick began speaking, he captured the credit union audiences’ attention.

He told the story of his life-changing decision to leave his bipolar mother in Houston to live with his recovering alcoholic father in San Antonio. He also shared the story of a high school coach who he says changed his life.

“This coach approached me and said, ‘hey I heard you were a pretty good basketball player, you should play on our team’,” Bostick recalls.

Unfortunately, Bostick was late to his first practice and the coach kicked him off the team. Bostick pleaded for another chance. The coach, he shared, didn’t care about his abusive childhood or troubled home life. “Don’t ever be late again,” Bostick remembers the coach saying to him.

This experience, he said, allowed him to realize the importance of not succumbing to the negative circumstances he had faced in life. To live a satisfying life, he would have to triumph over obstacles.

He also shared with the credit union audience seven principles that can help credit unions improve engagement and performance, including:

  1. Fuel: What Fuels Your Tank? Something drags you out of a warm bed in the morning and into the office. Maybe it’s your kids, your job, your hobby—or the legacy you are trying to leave. Maybe it’s something smaller—like a favorite mug of dark roast coffee at work, or a pair of brand new running shoes. What fuels you? My fuel is the satisfaction I get in igniting people to reach for goals. Find your passion, grab onto it like your life depends on it, and use it to pull yourself to your goals.
  1. Inventory: Take Stock of Your Life. Assess where you have been, and where you are today. Inventory your current blessings, and list the accomplishments that still drive you forward. Figure out what you need to take with you, and what you need to leave behind—and fuel yourself with the attitude to get there. Ask yourself what’s great about being you? What are your strengths? What’s great about your business. Who is doing an awesome job? Let them know. “It’s about creating relationship,” he told conference attendees. “People don’t leave businesses, they leave people!
  2. Reframe: Shift your perspective so that the challenges of yesterday or today are merely training sessions for the big game of tomorrow. Take those experiences with you as invaluable lessons. While Bostick says he loves seeing veteran people in the audience, he says we need to engage our youth more. Young people, he says, will help our movement go viral.
  1. Energize: Exercise, Get R&R, Eat Well. This is the absolute simplest concept on earth, but we often ignore it. Whatever we eat or do to our bodies becomes the reality we walk around with all day. “Take more naps, and when you take your nap, turn your phone off, you’re not that important!” he exclaimed. “You gotta take care of yourself. Get a life! Get serious about caring for your body, and it will be ready to take you wherever you ask it.”
  1. Declare: What’s Your Mission? Put it down on paper; otherwise, they’re just ideas. Get excited. Set goals. Write them down, put dates to them. How many successful entrepreneurs do you know who kept their inventions or ideas to themselves? None. Getting fired up requires that you get clear on your mission, and then get vocal about it. Make it real, by telling others.
  1. Understand: Step into Someone Else’s Shoes. Passion without purpose is like a fueled up car without a steering wheel. You’re in the service business. It’s not about doing huge things, but small things. People will remember most how you made them feel. “Get outside of you today! He exclaimed. Make one positive phone call. Purpose comes from understanding why you are doing what you do and how it fits into the world around you. Relate your purpose to solving a bigger problem or compassionately helping others.
  1. Present: Live Here and Now. Setting a goal is great, but it’s nothing if we don’t take action. Our goal doesn’t care what we did yesterday or what we hope to do tomorrow. It’s like a walking stick waiting to be picked up and used today—if we do nothing, it will sit there and get dusty.Having a plan and assessing risks is valuable, but at some point, you have to get out and walk the walk!

Cornerstone’s Annual Meeting & Expo runs through Thursday.