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Moffett Encourages CU Audience to ‘Push through the Invisible Limitations they put on Themselves’
Thursday, April 4, 2013 7:00 AM


On the outside, DeDe Murcer Moffett was a confident and successful sales executive. However, for 24 of her 25-year career in corporate America, she hid a dark secret – she was an alcoholic.  A black-out drinker, she told a credit union audience yesterday at TCUL’s Texas Governmental Affairs Conference and Member Meeting & Expo in Austin.  Moffett presented Wednesday’s opening general session at the conference that runs through Friday.

Ironically enough, Moffett says it was while in Austin at a conference with her fiancé that she was finally faced with the reality that she couldn’t continue on with the drinking.

Through song, dance and humor, Moffett delivered a poignant message.  While literally standing in the middle of a small box on stage, Moffett challenged the audience to, “push through the invisible limitations you put on yourself.”

Moffett explained that she turned to drinking to cope with her decision not to follow her dream of becoming a Broadway sensation.  Fear, she says, kept her down. Not feeling that she was “good enough” deterred her from pursuing her goal.

She urged the credit union audience not to make the same mistake she did.  “Don’t back away from the vision you have for yourself or your organization just because you feel uncomfortable,” she said.

Instead, Moffett encouraged the audience to trust in themselves to step out of the box that confines them. Challenge yourself to be more creative – more innovative.

“We love our boxes because we know exactly how far we can go,” she told the crowd.  “It’s safe and secure.”

“Wake Up, Stand Up and Snap Out of it” was the theme of Moffett’s compelling presentation.   Throughout

her entertaining; yet thought-provoking address, Moffett used the phrase, “snap out of it” numerous times.  She explained that SNAP is an acronym for:

S – Stop - We haven’t been trained to feel uncomfortable. We hate to feel uncomfortable. We will do anything to not feel uncomfortable, she told attendees.

“The truth is we all feel uncomfortable. That is life. The problem starts when we begin to distract ourselves from what we feel. We spend a lifetime distracting and numbing out with food, work, alcohol, drugs, business, busyness, texting, Facebook, you name it,” she said.

Moffett encouraged the credit union audience to stop running and feel the truth of the moment. Running, she says, robs you of your life taking you on a long and winding road far away from your dream and vision.

N – Notice - Notice what you feel. Feelings, she says, are meant to be felt not avoided.

A –Ask - Question what you believe.

“Beliefs are powerful motivators or de-motivators depending on what feeling they evoke,” she says.  “But beliefs are simply thoughts, question their validity.”  Had she questioned the validity of her beliefs, Moffett says she may not have given up on so soon on her own dream of making it to Broadway.

Stand Up to your beliefs.  Moffett challenged the audience to question what thought is causing them to feel uncomfortable.  “It’s OK to feel fear and uncertainty, but don’t let it paralyze you,” she said.

P – Pursue your vision. Pursue your passion. Pursue the possibilities.

“Start feeling; stop distracting, and ignite your snap power,” she encouraged the audience.