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Mobile Lending Not an Add-On, It's a Strategy, CUNA Mutual Group Lending Specialist Says
Thursday, July 3, 2014 6:25 AM

Credit unions are beginning to realize the importance of mobile lending, but many haven’t figured out how it fits into the strategy of their business, according to Robert Israelite, lending and compliance specialist with the CUNA Mutual Group.

“A credit union has to go back to its vision, values and mission in determining its future in mobile. Mobile is a strategy,” Israelite says. “It has to start with why you are in business. Before getting into mobile, a credit union should determine if their goals and strategy are related to mobile. If there’s no purpose to be on mobile, it’s worthless because it has to be connected to a strategy.”

Israelite says if a credit union’s vision is to provide personalized, one-on-one, face-to-face consultative services to a segment-based group, they may determine they don’t need mobile. “But, if a credit union wants to be a full-service provider to members in the member’s delivery channel of choice, then the credit union needs to have a mobile-first mindset across their entire business.”

Credit unions deciding mobile is essential to their business need to know and experience every online member-facing channel. Israelite urges credit unions to “go through every link on your site, and if you don’t control it talk to business partners who do to get it optimized for mobile. You need to understand what your members are experiencing.”

If a credit union determines mobile serves its mission and value, “you’d better get moving because you’re already late to the party,” Israelite adds. He says credit unions late into the game have already lost more members than they’ll ever know about. Those members, he added, have moved on and they’ll never come back.

“We lose a credit union every day with the merger pace continuing. There is urgency if your credit union has determined it needs to adopt mobile, but hasn’t yet. You are setting up your legacy for your credit union to be around. If you miss this, you won’t fulfill your legacy.”