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Member Service Must Go Beyond a Welcoming Smile; a Customer Service Profile a Valuable Tool in HR Toolbox
Thursday, February 6, 2014 6:55 AM

When it comes to attracting new members and retaining the ones you already have, Credit Union Resources’ Senior Vice President Susan Looney says having the right people on the frontline is critical. And a Customer Service Profile, she says, can help credit unions better identify exactly what characteristics they should be looking for in their tellers and other frontline personnel.

“Member service must go beyond a welcoming smile,” notes Looney. “Tellers need to be able to respond appropriately to a member’s concern; anticipate what expectations a member might have of the credit union, and be proactive in identifying products and services that would be of value to the member.”

Profiles International, a partner of Credit Union Resources that offers employee assessment solutions, has developed a comprehensive Customer Service Profile. According to Looney, the company reached out to six credit unions and asked them to have their highest rated tellers take an assessment and provide their perspective on serving members. Twelve tellers participated in the study, and this study allowed Profiles International to determine a performance model for the teller position and the service culture that is unique to top performing tellers.

As Looney explains it, a Customer Service Profile measures how well a person fits a specific customer service position in an organization. A Customer Service Profile also looks at what your current and future employees believe is a high level of customer service and it matches their perspective on serving customers to the established service culture at your credit union.

“When people are seeking employment, they are obviously going to put their best foot forward. Unfortunately, just because they perform well on an interview doesn’t necessarily mean they have what it takes to be a high-performing teller,” continues Looney.

A Customer Service Profile provides an objective, inside look at the behaviors and motives of member service job candidates to help HR professionals make better hiring, promotion and organizational decisions.

“People like to share and social media is giving them a forum to do so,” adds Looney. “The last thing any organization wants is a member/customer sharing a bad experience. A Customer Service Profile is just one more tool in your HR toolbox.”

To learn more about the Customer Service Profile and other HR assessments and services, please contact Looney, at, or (800) 442-5762, ext. 6431. You may also contact Kim Jones, at extension 6432, or email