Member Experience Surveys

Our shorter, semi-customized Member Experience Survey is an economical alternative to our fully customized member surveys. This option is an affordable alternative, but still yields a wealth of meaningful and actionable member insights.

The Logistics

Each Member Experience Survey obtains the following information from your members: Primary Financial Institution (PFI); Net Promoter Score; Preferred method of accessing the credit union; Age; Income; and Suggestions for improvements.

In addition, credit unions may select two of the following questions: What would motivate a PFI switch; Member Effort Score; Market share of specific services; Satisfaction and importance ratings of service attributes (e.g., location, hours, friendliness, technology services); Viability of offering potential new services; and Access channel pain points.

The survey findings are presented in a detailed written report focusing on the strengths, weaknesses and recommendations indicated by the survey findings.

To obtain a quote for conducting a non-member survey, or if you have any questions, please contact Doug Foister at 469-385-6477 or 800-422-5762, ext. 6477, or email