Member Engagement Program
Member Engagement Rewards

The Cornerstone Credit Union League has developed a Member Rewards Program, and all credit unions will receive points for their engagement and usage of League services and initiatives. The program includes a multitude of services that your credit union may already be taking advantage of, but now you will receive points for utilizing them. Some of the services included are Project Zip Code, Information Central, live seminar attendance, council membership, CU mentoring program, and many, many more.

How Does it Work?

Credit unions will earn points for participating in League activities/services. Credit unions with point totals scoring in the top 20% of each asset category at year end will receive a $500 check from the Cornerstone Credit Union League. The asset categories are:

  • Group 1: Less than $20M
  • Group 2: $20M - $50M
  • Group 3: $50M - $100M
  • Group 4: Over $100M

Eligible Activities

The following are the engagement categories and specific activities in which credit unions may receive points:


Project Zip Code Project Zip Code is a secure and user-friendly program that counts your credit union members and matches them by state legislative district, congressional district, and county. These counts are uploaded to CUNA’s Project Zip Code website and combined with data from other credit unions nationwide.
Points are earned if a credit union updates this information annually.
CU: R.O.A.R. Cornerstone's initiative for grassroots and PAC support that stands for Ready, Organize, Activate, and Respond. Simply put, it is an advocacy program that connects credit union advocates with lawmakers.
Points are earned if a credit union has enrolled in R.O.A.R., formed an advocacy team, contributes to PAC via Payroll Deduction or Recurring Credit Card and has processed the current version of Project Zip Code.
PAC/Payroll Deduction PACs are organized for the express purpose of raising and spending money to help elect or defeat political candidates, depending on whether they support our cause. Our goal is to support candidates who can champion credit unions.
Points are earned if a credit union meets their assigned PAC Goal.
GAC and/or Hike the Hill The CUNA GAC and Hike the Hill are two of the most important advocacy events of the year for credit unions. Both events take place in Washington DC and provide credit union advocates the opportunity to meet with elected officials and staff to discuss key legislative issues of importance to the credit union system. In addition, the Arkansas Legislative Luncheon along with the Oklahoma and Texas GACs provide an opportunity to advocate on behalf of key legislative issues at the state levels.  
Points are earned for each participant that attends one or both of these events (5 points maximum).
1 per participant
(maximum of 5 points)


Comment Letters Credit unions can point out the effect that laws and regulations will have on your members, staff and the bottom line by writing a comment letter. If you can show that the burden and cost of the proposed regulation is excessive, the agencies will often be willing to modify the proposal to make it more reasonable.
Points are earned for each comment letter submitted by the credit union.
1 per letter (maximum of 5 points)
CU Policy Pro This online system features more than 200 policies, developed and written by regulatory experts specifically for credit unions that you can customize. You can also upload and maintain all your existing policies in a fully-indexed, easily-accessible, online manual.
Points are earned if a credit union utilizes CU Policy Pro.
Information Central The Information Central Hotline provides member credit unions with compliance resources to meet regulatory and legal obligations. Our staff works diligently to ensure that member credit unions have access to changes that affect their business.
Points are earned for each inquiry made to Information Central.
1 per inquiry
(maximum of 5 points)
InfoSight  InfoSight is your first stop when searching for compliance answers. It operates as an online compliance manual at your fingertips, containing federal and state-specific content that is accurate, concise and detailed on a wide range of topics and issues.
Points are earned if a credit union utilizes InfoSight.


Major Conference Attendance Cornerstone Conferences provide educational opportunities with a timely focus on specific topics that can help you change your credit union and change your business. Cornerstone brings you face-to-face with industry innovators, speakers, vendor exhibits, and colleagues for an exchange of information and ideas in the various conferences offered.
One point is earned for each event registrant from your credit union
who attends Annual Meeting and/or Leadership Conference. A maximum of five points can be earned.
1 per registrant (maximum of 5 points)
CPDOnline CPDOnline is a web-based subscription training service that includes everything you need to manage your credit union training program from start to finish. Its state-of-the-art online environment combines the ease of on-demand, self-study training with expertly-designed credit union courses, and personal assistance whenever it’s needed.
Points are earned for subscription to the service.
Seminars and Workshops Cornerstone offers numerous educational seminars and workshops focused on the most current credit union-specific information delivered by knowledgeable presenters. The League offers these events in various cities through Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.
One point is earned for each event registrant from your credit union up to a maximum of five points.
1 per registrant (maximum of 5 points)
Webinars Cornerstone Credit Union League is pleased to offer distance-learning opportunities via webinars. The League works in partnership with Financial Education & Development, Inc. to offer these webinars. Additionally, webinars are hosted through the League Council program.
Credit unions can earn one point for each Financial Education & Development, Inc. or council sponsored webinar attended up to a maximum of five points. Credit unions will not receive additional points for multiple employees attending the same webinar event.
1 per webinar
(maximum of 5 points)


League Committees There are a number of standing committees reporting to the Cornerstone board. Biennially, a call is issued for interested persons to place their name under consideration to serve on a committee with two-year appointments by the Chairman of the Board. Additionally, there are a several sub-committees which operate under the direction of standing committees. Further, there is a Political Action Committee (PAC) for each state; each PAC has its own board of trustees. All committees, their purpose and member composition are listed in the Committee Directory.   
Points are earned for each
working committee or Political Action Committee (PAC) participant from your credit union.
1 per individual (maximum of 5 points)
Council Membership Our goal of increasing education and collaboration among credit unions is enhanced with the Cornerstone Credit Union League Council Program. This council program offers professionals of our member credit unions with unique opportunities for networking and relationship building through regional council activities and unique council benefits.
Points are earned for each council member from your credit union.
1 per individual (maximum of 5 points)
Young Credit Union Professionals The Cornerstone Credit Union League is actively working to engage young professionals working in the credit union industry. Being a credit union professional carries with it a unique set of responsibilities. Unlike for-profit banks, which use people to make money, credit unions use money to help people. In order to defend our unique, not-for-profit cooperative structure, it is essential that credit union professionals are actively engaged in their local communities.
Points are earned for each designated YP individual from your credit union.
1 per individual (maximum of 5 points)
CU System Support A cooperative spirit is a basic principle on which the credit union movement is founded. Financial support through optional giving to the Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation, Filene Research Institute, Credit Union House, and Credit Union Museum plays a vital role. Through your support, credit union history is preserved, innovation is advanced, legislators are engaged, and credit union employees/volunteers are able to attend valuable training and receive financial support in times of personal need.
Points are earned for contributions made to each program.
1 per donation
(maximum of 4 points)


ALM Services Asset/Liability Management (ALM) provides analysis, instruction, and guidance in the area of ALM in order to promote the financial well-being of Cornerstone's member credit unions. One of the valuable services provided is a semi-annual Key Ratio Report (KRR). Based on National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) 5300 data; the Key Ratio Report is a three-page report detailing key trends, ratios, and interest rate sensitivity position in the credit union. It is accompanied by commentary from ALM and highlights strengths and weaknesses in the credit union's financial performance. Eligible ALM services include ALM Workshops and individual credit union training including Director Literacy, Understanding Credit Union Financial Statements, Board and staff presentations.
A point is earned if a credit union utilizes the Key Ratio Report service. An additional point can be earned if the credit union participates in an ALM training (topics noted above) conducted by ALM Staff. Training credit applies to sessions held locally at your credit union or at a group training event.
1 per service (maximum of 2 points)
Leaguer Cornerstone publishes a daily newsletter, the Leaguer, covering Cornerstone news and information; promotions of training opportunities, events, resources, and member services available to members of Cornerstone; and regional and national news and information.
Points are earned for each active subscriber from your credit union.
1 per individual (maximum of 5 points)
League Representative Training Services provided by your League Representative are included as a part of your membership dues package. League Representatives are available to conduct on-site training for boards, committees, management, and staff. Available training modules include the following topics: Board & Supervisory Committee Duties and Responsibilities, ID Theft, Business Ethics, Member Service, Sales Basics, Robbery Prevention and Preparedness, Advocacy, and a League Overview.  These sessions are broad in nature and last approximately one hour in length. 
Points are earned by credit unions that have attendees at a training event (topics noted above) conducted by a League Representative. Training credit applies to sessions held locally at your credit union or at a group training event.
Collaboration Program Realizing the challenges many credit unions face in today’s environment and understanding that many credit union professionals, staff and volunteers have a variety of resources and needs, the Cornerstone Credit Union League developed the Collaboration Program to formalize collaborative partnerships. The goal of the Collaboration Program is to provide opportunities for collaboration among interested credit unions and/or credit union individuals with a sharing of best practices and intellectual resources for career enhancement, technical guidance, leadership / management skill development, organizational modeling, and interpersonal/relationship skill building.
Points are earned for each signed participant in the Collaboration Program or for hosting Sicredi or Jamaican delegates.