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Member Business Lending Boot Camp
Wednesday, October 1, 2014 6:50 AM

The very name "boot camp" connotes demanding human effort, by design. And so it is with the Member Business Lending Boot Camp, which just completed its sixth and final week of training. This year's MBL Boot Camp, presented in partnership with Hipereon and in collaboration with the Louisiana Credit Union League and the Mountain West Credit Union Association, marks the second offering of the program, which demands participants attend six week-long sessions from March through September.

Eight credit union professionals representing credit unions in Colorado, Louisiana, Texas, and Washington went through the rigorous training. They were expected to work hard and accept the challenges to study and improve their knowledge and skills, in attempt to make a profound impact on their business banking skills. And they did.

Hipereon's Bob Hogan, one of two MBL Boot Camp instructors, offered the following stats on this year's crop of students:

  • Each participant took home skill-based manuals worth hundreds of dollars.
  • Each participant captured business banking knowledge worth thousands of dollars.
  • Each participant developed life-long friendships worth millions.
  • Each participant formed relationships with industry-wide contacts that are priceless.

"Every student in this year's class said the experience was time well spent and worth twice the cost," Hogan said. "Their skills moved off the bench to the starting lineup."

Hipereon CEO and Boot Camp Instructor Jim Devine said, "I was proud of the group effort that was exhibited by the participants in this year's MBL Boot Camp program. They bonded together and worked hard individually and as a group to get through the program. This extraordinary effort showed both a true interest in learning as well as a unique sense of camaraderie. They went out of their way to help each other and consistently asked for additional practice exercises to enable them to master the analytical techniques we covered during the program."

At the beginning of the program, instructors challenged the participants to strive to become business model structure experts. They were told that truly competent commercial lending officers possessed the ability to financially dissect businesses and root out the logic of operating cash flow in any business they were analyzing. This year's group took that comment to heart and they worked tirelessly to fulfill that objective.

Devine said of this year's students, "Test scores across the board on a grueling 8-hour, closed-book final exam were exceptional. They paid the price, and all did well. Goes right along with that old saying, The harder I work, the luckier I get. These students set the bar high, and I congratulate them for their efforts."

Plans are underway for next year’s MBL Boot Camp, and those connected with the program expressed confidence that participants in the 2015 Boot Camp would show up with the same zest for learning that this year’s class exhibited.

For more information on the MBL Boot Camp, including advance notice for next year's program, contact Janine McBee, Senior Director, Training and Events for the Cornerstone Credit Union League at or (469) 385-6634.