Deep Yoga

Relax, Revive, Rejuvenate
Instructed by Sundeep Kapur

Simply stated there are three types of yogaHatha (physical) Yoga, Prana (Breathing) Yoga, & Raja (Meditative) Yoga. Every asana/pose requires you to do three things – get into the correct position, breathe to maintain the pose, & think about the purpose of the pose.

A beautiful way to start the day - a seven-part sequence – breathing, stretching, empowering, relaxing, and a little meditating too. Yoga for work, yoga to sleep well, yoga to awaken fresh, and yoga to give us some marketing Zen.

Deep Yoga focuses on achieving “deep” (Sanskrit) - a feeling of enlightenment and empowerment.

Prana: Did you know that breathing (in/out) from the left nostril helps us relax & the same from the right nostril fires us up? Single nostril breathing is a phenomenal way to fight allergies, induce sleep, & just recharge. A few fast exhales can do wonders for you & a slow exhale makes us even more aware.

Hatha: Sun salutations are a great way to start the day. Add this office yoga routine during the day. A few simple stretches on your stomach (bow, cobra, pigeon) & your back (tummy tuck, fish, legs to either side) are a great way to end the day. The butterfly pose, child’s pose & corpse pose help us sleep.

Raja: Quiet focus & becoming aware of ourselves is the sincerest form of meditation. Being willing to absorb & accept makes us humble (simulate paper absorbing water). Sharing kindness & what we know (simulate ripples in a lake) allows us to feel the joy of giving.

Join us as we promise to deliver on the three R’s – Relax, Revive, & Rejuvenate!

Sundeep Kapur YogaYour yoga instructor is Sundeep Kapur. Sundeep was introduced to yoga as a toddler and has been practicing for over 45 years. He is a keen student of this discipline and keeps researching to improve and expand his practice curriculum.

A few asanas/poses to start the day, a few during the day to recharge, and a little time to reflect each evening have done him wonders. His teaching style is simple and focused on what the student can do. Yoga is not a competition, it is a personal endeavor we take on each time we do it.

From breathing well, to the physical asanas - his purposeful Yoga style is designed to enlighten. Deep Yoga is all about purposeful awareness, personal growth, and our well-being.

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