Opening General Session

Ignite Your Intuition
Craig Karges, Karges Productions

General Session

In the Line of Fire: Lessons in Modern Marketing from America's Top CMOs
Sundeep Kapur, Digital Credence, Inc.

General Session

Branding: Using Your Corporate Story
Kerri Smith, CU Exceed

General Session

Performance Beyond Gold – How to Better Your Best & Top Yourself Consistently
Delatorro McNeal, Platinum Performance Global

General Session

The U.S. Economy in the Post-World War II Era and Trump's New Machinations: Implications for Marketing Specialists
Dr. Stephen Happel, Arizona State University

General Session

Embracing Social Media Haters and Creating Online Reputation Magic 
Andrea Parrish, STCU 

Closing General Session

PR: It's the Same as It's Always Been... Yet Completely Different
Tracey Zeeck, Bumbershoot PR

Panel Discussion

Building Bridges: Working with Your IT Department to Make Your Life Easier
Ben Smith, Communication FCU
Travis Llewellyn, Communication FCU
Jessie Swendig, Neighborhood CU


I-Spy: Using Structured Play to Generate Solutions for Business  
Cristi Eschler-Freudenrich, Oral Roberts University

Power Hour #1

I Got the Job, Now What?
Andy Reed, MBA, CUDE, CUBDP, BSACS, CUCE, Texas People FCU

Power Hour #2

Creating a Universal Experience in the Retail Branch
Jay Broska, VP, Adrenaline

Power Hour #3

What in the World is Business Development?
Kristy Viravong-Portis, Tinker FCU

Power Hour #4

Marketing to the Hispanic Market
Kenia Calderon Ceron, Coopera

Power Hour #5

Auto Industry Disruptors – Are You Ready? 
Jay Carstens, CU Direct

Power Hour #6

Great Video Doesn’t Have to Break the Budget
Rae Oakes, Kelly Community Federal Credit Union

Power Hour #7

Crisis Communication
Andy Reed, MBA, CUDE, CUBDP, BSACS, CUCE, Texas People FCU

Breakout Session #1

Big Data Analytics… Making ROI Happen 
Aaron Gregerson, MarketMatch

Breakout Session #2

Actionable Steps on Data: The A-Z of Creating a Business Intelligence Initiative at Your CU
Sundeep Kapur, Digital Credence, Inc.

Breakout Session #3

Buying and Measuring Effectiveness of Social Media Advertising
Amy Yi, Monarch Marketing Group LLC

Breakout Session #4

Business Development: The Nature of Building Valuable Relationships
Kerri Smith, CU Exceed

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