Opening General Session

How to be Proactive in a Reactive World: The Ultimate Attitude Adjustment
Rory Aplanalp, Aplanalp Associates, Inc.

General Session

Changing Demographics & How This Affects Your Business, Today & Tomorrow
Kenja Purkey, The People’s FCU

General Session

Deciphering Big Data to Create Incredible Member Journeys
Sundeep Kapur, Digital Credence, Inc.

Power Hour Sessions

Marketing/Promotional Calendar
Seasonal Promotions
Press Releases
Budgeting on a Shoestring
Community Involvement & Special Events
10 Items You MUST Have for MKT
Social Media Guide
Advertising Ideas

Generating Ideas Workshop

Innovation: How to Make it Happen for You and Your Credit Union
Andrew Boynton, Carroll School of Management, Boston College

Breakout Session #1

Breaking Through the Clutter with Traditional & Digital Advertising
Katelyn Drake, Duffey Petrosky

Breakout Session #2

Authentic Brands: A Powerful Approach to Increase and Sustain Loyalty
Frank Allgood,

Breakout Session #3

How NASA Manages Strategic Partnerships for a Win-Win
Yolanda Marshall, NASA/Johnson Space Center

Breakout Session #4

Millennials are Old News, Let’s Talk About GenZ
Katelyn Drake, Duffey Petrosky

Breakout Session #5

Using Online Video for Sales and Lead Generation
Frank Allgood,

Breakout Session #6

Magic Crystals & Pixie Dust: Perfecting Your Business Development Strategy
Sundeep Kapur, Digital Credence, Inc.

Deep Yoga by the Lake

Relax, Revive, Rejuvenate
Instructed by Sundeep Kapur