Breakout Session #8

Kerri Smith

Branding, Using Your Corporate Story
Kerri Smith, Turbine FCU

Branding goes beyond logos and page signatures to include your corporate story. Learn how leading companies have used their story to help strengthen brand identity.

About Kerri Smith

Kerri Smith is an award-winning marketing, business development and speaking professional. With a credit union career spanning nearly three decades, Kerri has a broad range of experience in many areas of credit union operations, management and marketing. 

In 1996, she began Kerri Smith Consulting to help small credit unions reach their full potential by communicating effectively with their members. She has worked with many credit unions around the U.S. and internationally. As founder and CEO of CU Exceed, LLC, Kerri Smith has the drive and determination to help credit unions of any size and any budget excel in the market they serve. 

Currently, Kerri is working as the Business Development & Marketing Manager for Greenville Gas Turbine Employees Credit Union serving SEGs in the Upstate of South Carolina. She was first hired as a consultant to help improve their loan-to-share ratio of 32.94% in April 2014. The promotion was so successful that she was hired full-time. The credit union ended 2014 with a 60% increase in car loans and a loan-to-share ratio of 50% which represented 41% net growth overall.

Kerri is a sought-after speaker on the topics of credit union philosophy, marketing and advertising. She has spoken to groups to groups in the Philippines, Trinidad and Tobago, Scotland and around the U.S. She has also provided technical assistance to credit unions in Grenada, Nevis and St. Kits, Malawi, Latvia, Lithuania, and Philippines through the World Council of Credit Unions. She has been working with the National Credit Union Administration to speak to examiners and small credit unions on the importance of marketing and sharing her award-winning strategies.

She received her Credit Union Development Education (CUDE) designation in 1994. Through this training, she learned how to use credit union philosophy to meet the needs of credit union members in innovative ways.

Kerri served as the coordinator for the Credit Union Development Education Program (CUDE) sponsored by the National Credit Union Foundation, the Credit Union National Association (CUNA), World Council of Credit Unions and CUNA Mutual Group. This intense six-day training held annually in Madison, WI focuses on credit union uniqueness and opens minds to the role credit unions can play in serving their members and their community. 

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