Breakout Session #7

Matt Purvis

Marketing Innovators: Moving From Cost Center to Revenue Machines!
Matt Purvis, Purvis Management

Today, even award-winning marketing strategies fail to deliver PFI members when the retail experience doesn't amplify the credit union's brand identity, marketing messages and campaign tactics. Marketing Innovators provides a step-by-step process to address these blind spots and align the members' experience with our mission, messages and promotions. Spearheaded by marketing team, the project teams' work will strengthen the organizations' understanding of their brand and deliver immediate "sales" results. Through Marketing Innovators, each credit union ensures that their growth strategies are leveraged throughout the organization and deliver objective, bottom-line results.

Marketing Innovators participants will be able to:

  • Identify, assemble and manage the credit union's key, cross-functional stakeholders to bridge gaps between brand, marketing campaigns and member experience.
  • Speed institutional knowledge and skill using our modern and practical understanding of brand to deliver dramatically stronger marketing ROI.
  • Create systems to track and report financial results of these integrated marketing initiatives.
  • Celebrate and share success and ensure that the stakeholders understand the source of their success.

About Matt Purvis

A dynamic, multidisciplinary business leader, Matt Purvis drives organizational profit by creating charismatic brands and organizations that bring their brands to life. Creator of Brand Animation™, Matt is a frequent industry speaker, brand thought-leader, and marketing innovator. Named a top-twenty rising business leader by Oregon Business Magazine, Matt’s career covers wide-ranging territory. He has managed presidential political campaigns, worked as a fully licensed securities agent, led Northwest Community Credit Union’s marketing, sales and branch operations as Chief Experience Officer and is the former President & CEO of Burley Design Cooperative, an award-winning, worker-owned sporting goods manufacturer. Fascinated by the intersection of leadership, branding, and motivation, Matt is passionate about helping organizations differentiate themselves in the financial services industry. These interests led Matt to launch his own business to help financial institutions innovate through strategic planning, leadership development and management training, target market and marketing assessment, and brand-based sales training, which combined result in brand animation and increased revenue for clients.

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