Breakout Session #2

Sundeep Kapur

Actionable Steps on Data: The A-Z of Creating a Business Intelligence Initiative at Your CU
Sundeep Kapur, Digital Credence, Inc.

Gain new insights, take actionable steps, and fast-track your learning on optimal ways to use data. This unique session, led by Sundeep Kapur and a panel of experts, has worked for three months with three credit unions (small, medium, and large) on three specific initiatives: onboarding, member well-being, and focused segmentation. Kapur's team defined a problem and applied a big data/decision science approach to find solutions. When the results came in, they had defined a vision, a mission, strategy, tactics, and a means to measure success. You can do it too.

Key Takeaways

  • How to use big data to your advantage
  • What you can learn from others
  • How to come up with your own plan                                   

Knowledge level: Basic
Pre-requisites: None
No advance preparation is required
CPE Field of Study: Business Management & Organization – Non-technical

About Sundeep Kapur

Sundeep Kapur, of Digital Credence, Inc., has been helping brands define, create, and execute their omnichannel marketing strategies—a concept that allows consumers the opportunity to be served on the channel of their choice with relevance, personalization, and comprehensive security. Kapur's specialty lies in helping brands adopt digital by focusing on the fundamentals of reduced cost, security, and driving revenue—all toward improving lifetime member value. Kapur is an industry-recognized expert who has delivered relevant, inspirational, and outstanding education for organizations around the world.

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