Breakout Session #1

Aaron Gregerson

Big Data Analytics… Making ROI Happen 
Aaron Gregerson, MarketMatch

What do today’s consumers want? It’s the big question weighing on every marketer’s mind. Thankfully, we now have ways to answer that question; but for those credit unions not already invested in large amounts of data analytics, the cost of such a project would consume a year’s worth of marketing and IT budgets combined. This presentation guides the audience through a healthy background on data and provides thought-provoking ideas for making big data analytics more manageable for everyone.

Key Takeaways

  • What data-driven marketing is and its power to change marketing practices.
  • How to capture and utilize data that your credit union already has on file for marketing purposes.
  • Be able to construct a data-driven marketing plan using personas, measuring propensity, and constructing models.
  • How to create and use audience message maps to fuel content creation.
  • How content fuels marketing automation.
  • Data-driven marketing best practices for financials.

Knowledge level: Basic
Pre-requisites: None
No advance preparation is required
CPE Field of Study: Communications & Marketing – Non-technical

About Aaron Gregerson

Aaron is senior vice president, chief digital officer for MarketMatch, a full-service marketing consulting firm that provides energizing expertise, ideas, and strategic thinking for credit unions. Gregerson brings more than 13 years of financial marketing, business development, and leadership experience via his various credit union leadership roles. Known for coming up with many of his big ideas while out running, he promises not to make a group run mandatory for the session.

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