Breakout Session #1

Katelyn Drake

Breaking Through the Clutter with Traditional & Digital Advertising
Katelyn Drake, Duffey Petrosky

In our oversaturated mobile-first world, breaking through the clutter is advertisers’ biggest challenge. This means compelling creative, targeted messaging, engagement opportunities, integrated media strategies and more! Learn how to more efficiently and effectively utilize traditional and digital advertising to elevate your brand, and drive results!

About Katelyn Drake

Katelyn Drake is a seasoned credit union marketer with almost a decade of experience in the industry. Currently, she serves as the Credit Union Relations & Business Development Director at Duffey Petrosky, working closely with CU Solutions Group and FocusIQ. FocusIQ is a joint venture between CUSG and Duffey Petrosky, created to specifically serve credit union partners and offer best-in-class marketing solutions for credit unions of all sizes across the country. Katelyn helps financial institutions create cohesive community brands and strategic marketing plans to leverage digital media trends, engage Millennials, and ultimately, grow membership through brand loyalty and targeted campaigns. Drake’s approach is rooted in research, and strives to identify unique stories and messaging to help credit unions break through the clutter. Katelyn has experience facilitating leadership workshops and leading branding exercises from research through to launch, and beyond. She is a true Millennial and an efficient, effective and versatile credit union strategist who promotes optimism and energy within the credit union movement.

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