Power Hour Sessions

Take full advantage of your conference experience! Join one of our open-space power hour sessions for a quick-paced informative time designed to share best practices and bring real-life marketing and business development experiences to the table. Hear from seasoned marketers and business development professionals as they discuss challenges, pain-points, and opportunities facing their credit union. Choose the best session for you and prepare to power up!

  1. Leverage Seasonal Consumer Behavior for Best Results
    Led by Stephen Lark, Communication FCU

    This Power Hour session covers planning campaigns to capitalize on the seasonality of business. The session is designed to provide an open forum for discussion by participants of what works, what flops, and how to use basic data analytics to understand your members’ needs. Bring a list of questions, ideas and an open mind!
  2. Writing for the Media
    Led by Erayne Hill, Unity One CU
    Who reads past the first line of anything anymore? We’re living hectic lives and so is the press. No reporter or assignment editor is waiting to hear your pitch; so, let’s make sure they are glad they did. Learn how and when to communicate with the press to promote your product, service or event.
  3. Marketing Budget Hacks
    Led by Rae Oakes, Kelly Community FCU
    Whether it is your first time to write a budget, or you are seasoned marketer, there are many ways to stretch your budgeting dollars. Join us as we prioritize our marketing needs and find ways to do more with less. We all have time and money saving ideas that we can bring to the discussion…after all, necessity truly is the mother of invention and creative marketing often rules the day when limited funds are available.
  4. Community Involvement & Special Events
    Led by Erayne Hill, Unity One CU
    Community Involvement: If community relations is not a marketing channel in your plan, put it in. Research shows that community partnerships lead to sustaining relationships. Special events have the potential to attract multitudes from the communities you serve, and they are the perfect opportunity to gain leads for future nurturing. Hear more about the power of the people and how it can boost your bottom line.
  5. Ten Essentials Every Marketing Department Needs
    Led by Alison Wolf, True Sky CU

    What are the must haves you need for every marketing department? Whether it's a brand new department or time to make some improvements, this discussion gives you some insight on the essentials needed for success.
  6. ABC's of Marketing Analytics
    Led by Sholanda Dawkins, United Community CU
    Make your campaigns count! Learn how marketing impacts key financial performance ratios, and how to utilize these ratios to identify the needs of your credit union.  In this session we explore the use of tracking and measurement tools to analyze the effectiveness of your marketing and business development programs. 
  7. Why You Should Be on Social Media
    Led by Alison Wolf, True Sky CU

    Social media is another channel of your marketing mix. It doesn't have to be complicated but it should be done well. Let's discuss how you can make the best of your social media presence.
  8. Compliance
    More information coming soon.
  9. Advertising
    Led by Rachel Pigman, Dallas CU
    As you learn more about the advertising direction your credit union wants to take, remember that all advertising campaigns start with the same fundamentals: knowing your target market, being decisive about when to advertise, sticking to your brand, and using your resources efficiently.

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