Power Hour #6

Rae Oakes

Great Video Doesn’t Have to Break the Budget
Rae Oakes, Kelly Community Federal Credit Union

Take full advantage of your conference experience. Join one of our open-space power hour sessions for a quick-paced, informative session designed to share best practices and bring real-life marketing and business development experiences to the table. Hear from seasoned marketers and business development professionals as they discuss challenges, pain points, and opportunities facing their credit union. Choose the best session for you, and prepare to power up! 

Great video doesn’t always require the most expensive camera equipment, lighting sources, or outside partners. Jump on the bandwagon and reach more people with easy-to-learn tips for creating video that connects with your target audiences. 
Key Takeaways
  • How to save money
  • How to connect with your audience
  • How to make great videos

No CPEs will be awarded for Power Hours.

About Rae Oakes

Rae Oakes is Marketing Director for Kelly Community Federal Credit Union in Tyler, Texas and has been working in the area of marketing and business development for over 15 years across the non-profit and engineering/architectural sectors. She has been working in financial services field for the past two years and prior to that worked for a large church in the Austin area as Director of Media & Communications where she learned to live and die by weekly deadlines. On average, Rae communicated with six different generations each week via social media, video, newsletters, and print with a reach ranging from 1,000-5,000 people – including producing and directing a weekly 30-minute television show, a weekly video news re-cap, and weekly video newsletter, in addition to creating specialty videos for special events and holidays. Rae earned her degree in Mass Communications from Louisiana State University where she learned many valuable skills, but was never told that a recliner in her office would be a necessity to survive in the field of broadcasting.

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