Opening General Session

Ben Glenn

Leadership is for Everyone
Ben Glenn, Author and Artist, Chalkguy Media International

In its purest sense, a leader is someone whom people follow, or an individual who guides or directs others. With this in mind, all of us have the ability to lead, but we have to determine for ourselves if we are going to seize the opportunity to be a leader.

Leadership is not bigger than us. It is a mindset that helps us recognize and pursue opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others. Ben Glenn shares his unique take on leadership, and education through art, music and story-telling.

About Ben Glenn

Ben Glenn has been a full-time speaker since 1995, sharing with corporate groups, church groups, students and teachers all over the world. His story of growing up with Learning Disabilities and ADHD, as well as his amazing live art demonstration performed as part of his presentation, combine into a powerful and entertaining program. He is the author of Building Success Brick by Brick. He, his wife and 2 daughters live in Indianapolis.

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