Opening General Session

Jim Bouchard

Think Like a Black Belt
Jim Bouchard, Black Belt Mindset Productions

Discipline, Focus, Excellence, Leadership -- these qualities are NOT optional. These are the essential traits for personal and professional Mastery. Over 30 years of practice, study and teaching, Jim Bouchard developed the tools you need to master your life, career and business. In this session, Jim teaches you how to apply Black Belt Mindset to reach your full potential -- and help other people reach theirs!

Participants can expect to leave this session:

  • Knowing how to think Like a black belt - how to cultivate and develop Discipline, Focus, Confidence, Perseverance, Courage and Confidence.
  • Equipped to apply the characteristics of Black Belt Mindset in personal and professional life.
  • Understanding Perfection as a process rather than an unachievable barrier to success.
  • Motivated to accept challenges as opportunities for growth.
  • Inspired to embrace change and transformation and the continual process of self-improvement.

About Jim Bouchard

Through his life in martial arts, Jim Bouchard transformed himself from dropout, drug abuser and failure to successful entrepreneur and Black Belt. Now as a business speaker, trainer and author of Think Like a Black Belt and The Sensei Leader, Jim is in demand internationally touring and speaking to corporate and conference audiences. He appears regularly on TV and radio including such programs as BBC Worldview and FOX News. 

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