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Sundeep Kapur

Deciphering Big Data to Create Incredible Member Journeys
Sundeep Kapur, Digital Credence, Inc.

My credit card company is incredibly reliant. I travel a lot and use their card for every possible transaction without any fear. No fraud, personalized experiences, and they are always top of wallet. What makes their card impregnable and why is it the “only” card I use?

A financial institution drives 70% engagement and 21% conversion on three-touch transactions. The information they send is always relevant. What is a three-touch transaction? What are they doing to keep their consumers interested? How is their conversion so high?

A cognitive intelligence company is able to predict employee fraud. What? Imagine stopping fraud before it even occurs. How do they do it? What data do they look at? How are they able to predict what is in the mind of the consumer?

These brands attribute their success to data, leveraging data to the hilt. They analyze numbers to predict likely outcomes which then helps them make timely decisions. What can we learn from their success and their methodology?

During our insightful discussion Sundeep covers these three examples and a few more. How a $10 billion credit union & a $175 million credit union use big data strategies to drive 51% ROI! How a $90 million credit union has turned a "member analysis" into an up-sell machine! How a $2 billion credit union has 50% of their assets from wealth management!

Sundeep also covers different approaches of collecting and analyzing the data. Next, he explains how your credit union can use this data to drive enhanced user journeys. Proven, innovative, and pragmatic suggestions to help you guide your own programs.

Sundeep provides you with insight for your big data and analytics initiatives. Focused ideas to help you succeed. Inspiration to lead, for your journey to 2025.

About Sundeep Kapur

Sundeep Kapur has been helping brands define their OMNI-channel marketing strategies. What is OMNI-channel? It allows your consumer the opportunity to be served on the channel of their choice with relevance, personalization, and a comprehensive security.

He has had the opportunity to help many financial institutions create and execute a successful digital strategy. His specialty lies in helping brands adopt digital by focusing on fundamentals – reduced cost, security, and driving revenue - all towards improving lifetime member value.

Sundeep is an industry recognized expert who has delivered keynotes, run panels, and delivered "relevant, inspirational, and outstanding" education for organizations around the world. In addition to direct work with clients, he writes articles for magazines, is a frequent presenter at NAFCU, teaches yoga, and is invited to speak at a number of financial conferences.

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