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Holly Arter

Media Consumption Trends in America
Holly Arter, Braid Consulting

Americans have a voracious appetite for media. We're attached to our smartphones, streaming our favorite shows, and searching for any product, service (or celebrity trivia answer!) with just a search and a click. We expect instant information and we don't want to miss a thing. Let's break down the changing media consumption trends across all generations (it's not just the millennials!) and look at where consumer habits are going next. As marketers, let's also ask how we can get smarter about sharing our messages in this changing landscape, and connect with the people we best serve.

About Holly Arter

Holly Arter is a marketing consultant and media strategist with Braid Consulting who helps businesses and organizations adapt their marketing efforts and media dollars to marketing trends – from engaging with millennials, to leveraging social media, to tapping into their best stories and their own people. Arter has twenty years of client and advertising agency experience with regional and national brands, from bootstrap to multimillion dollar budgets. Arter facilitates planning sessions with leadership and management teams, helping them better articulate their focus, understand their dream audience, and plot a vision-driven and budget-wise path to get there.

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