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Mark Your Calendar for Essential IRA Seminars
Friday, June 3, 2016 6:15 AM

Cornerstone Credit Union League will offer two Essential IRA Seminars in the fall, so mark your calendars now to attend. Each two-day session will be packed with information for beginners and experienced professionals. Attend in Oklahoma City Oct. 5-6 or Little Rock Nov. 9-10. What can you expect?

If you have just started with IRAs or want a good review of IRA fundamentals, this is the program for you. This program will prepare you to open, move and close IRAs and get all the paperwork right in the process. If you have been afraid of IRAs or just don’t have enough basic knowledge this one day review will get you excited and motivated to become the IRA expert at your organization. This session is fun and beneficial for every person who works with deposits and accountholders. You will receive a 600+ page reference manual on a CD. Highlights include:

  • Traditional IRA Eligibility and Deductibility Requirements
  • Roth IRA Eligibility and Qualified Distributions Rules
  • SEPs and SIMPLES
  • How to move IRA money: Rollovers and Transfers
  • How to move money from company retirement plans
  • What happens if there is too much money put in an IRA
  • What happens when the customer takes money out at 59 1/2, 70 1/2 and death
  • Do IRAs have penalties? Who collects the penalty?
  • How does the IRS know the money is going in and out of an IRA
  • What paperwork needs to be completed to open and close an IRA
  • Coverdell Education Savings Accounts

Who Should Attend? IRA Basics is designed for those with 1–3 years of IRA experience.

Christy CrawfordPresenter - Christy Crawford
Christy Crawford is a compliance consultant specializing in the education of financial institutions across the nation and a speaker for Gettechnical Inc. As a former trainer for Wal-Mart Corporation, and former VP of Gettechnical Inc., she brings her previous 12 years of sales and training experience to your financial institution. She earned a bachelor's from Louisiana State University and is BSA/AML certified. Her expertise is in the deposit side of the financial institution, and she focuses on teller, new accounts, IRAs, HSAs, robbery, security, and BSA for the frontline training.

IRA ADVANCED: Compliance, Auditing, and Reporting (Day 2)
If you have been working with IRAs for years and are ready for the deeper dive, then this is the IRA program for you. You will receive a quick product review and all the new numbers and changes for 2014 but after that hold on to your hat as we begin to work the complicated issues. Reporting errors and fixes, excess contributions, audits, inherited IRAs are just the tip of the iceberg for those of you who want to know everything there is to know about managing an IRA department. You will receive a 600+ page reference manual on a CD. Highlights include:

  • Quick product review and update
  • Qualified Retirement Plan rollovers and common errors
  • Conversions, recharacterizations, revocations and reconversions
  • Excess contributions
  • Compliance issues: how to audit your IRAs
  • Reporting to the IRS: A to Z
  • How to correct reporting to the IRS
  • 70 1/2 Distributions, Death Distributions
  • Withholding
  • Common IRA errors and solutions
  • Prohibited transactions
  • Health Savings Accounts

Who Should Attend? IRA Advanced is designed for those with 3+ years of IRA experience.

Debbie CrawfordPresenter - Deborah L. Crawford
Deborah L. Crawford is president of Gettechnical inc. She specializes in the education of credit union employees and officers in the areas of deposit account laws, new account documentation, complex compliance regulations, and IRAs. Crawford is well known within the industry for her humorous delivery, personal accounts, and promise to reach each and every attendee in her seminars.

Oklahoma City, Oct. 5-6
Early Bird Deadline: Aug. 5

Regular Rate Deadline: September 5
Credit Union House
631 E. Hill Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
Register for Oklahoma City Seminars

Little Rock, Nov. 9-10
Early Bird Deadline: Sept. 9

Regular Rate Deadline: October 10
Arkansas Credit Union Association
1023 W Capitol Ave.
Little Rock, AR 72201
Register for Little Rock Seminars

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