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Legislative Update from Oklahoma
Monday, March 13, 2017 7:00 AM

By Nate Webb, President, Oklahoma Credit Union Association

Last week legislators in both chambers focused almost exclusively on floor activity as they begin to consider the future of the 826 bills remaining after last week’s committee deadline.

The majority of the Oklahoma Credit Union Association's efforts this week were devoted to ensuring successful passage of bills we support. All are either scheduled for or eligible for consideration by their respective chambers.

Once a bill passes committee, it must have an author from both chambers before it can advance for consideration by the full chamber of origin. For example, a House bill must have a Senate author before it can be heard by the full House. This week much of our time was spent finding effective co-authors. In making these selections, consideration is given to such things as a lawmaker's willingness to diligently support our efforts, understanding of the subject matter, and the ability to work effectively with their colleagues.

Preparing for final passage also requires considerable time to more fully educate authors and key members and answering questions they might have while preparing for floor debate.

Key Bill Status

Following are the current bills of significant interest and the status of our support or opposition.

Support – HB1597
Bill regarding: Judgment creditors – A bill to streamline the process for judgment creditors to obtain employment information for the purposes of debt collection.

Status: Now eligible to be heard on the House floor, this bill is still heavily opposed by the Oklahoma Employment Securities Commission. We continue to work with the author and other key legislators to refine the language before a floor vote.

Senate Author:  Dan Newberry has signed on as author.

Support – HB1915
Bill regarding: Perfection of liens on expensive livestock trailers.

Status: Scheduled to be heard on the floor this coming week. We continue to work with the House author to prepare for any possible debate on the House floor.

Senate Author: Peterson

Support – SB0064
Bill regarding: Affidavit of heirship – creating consistency in conflicting titles of law.

Status: Scheduled to be heard on the Senate floor.

House Author: Mike Osborn

Support – SB0614
Bill regarding: Data Security – Increasing merchant accountability when data breaches occur.

Status: Considerable time was spent this week exploring possible compromises to reach consensus on a final legislative vehicle. It has become apparent this is very unlikely to occur before the next legislative deadline. We have decided to let the bill go dormant. This avoids a floor vote while passage is very much in doubt. This provides time to work on a compromise while allowing the bill to be heard again next year.

House Author: N/A

Oppose – SB0698
A bill introduced by the Oklahoma Wreckers Association in another effort to loosen many provisions included in the title 42 possessory lien processes.

Note: A similar bill died last week in House committee.

Status: This bill does not have a House author. If this passes the full Senate, we are optimistic we will be able to kill it in the House.

We continue to work with a strong coalition to kill any legislation that could negatively impact a business owner’s right to prevent firearms on their property. The number of bills falling into this category has been reduced significantly since session began.

The next major legislative deadline is March 24. Bills not passed from chamber of origin will either die or go dormant.

At this point in the process, bills can change quickly creating a change in both priority and position. We are closely monitoring dozens more and actively supporting or opposing as appropriate.

Should you have questions on these bills or other legislative developments, please don't hesitate to contact Oklahoma Credit Union Association President Nate Webb at or 405-445-1510.