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At the 2016 Member Meeting, future dues were set as follows. "Dues shall be based on the square root of credit union's assets plus .52, a minimum of $500.00 or 6% of gross income, whichever is less, plus CUNA dues." This calculator helps you plan and budget for the dues amount. These dues are payable on January 1, 2017.

Required Fields

Credit union's assets (assets as of 6/30/2016)
Credit union's membership (as of 6/30/2016)
Credit union's YTD gross income (as of 6/30/2016)
Square Root of (assets as of 6/30/2016)
Plus Factor of .52
Total Estimated League Dues (line 1 + line 2)*
Approximate CUNA Dues**
Total Dues

Other Recommended Minimum Contribution Levels

Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation
National Advocacy Fund
Filene Research Institute
CU House
CU Museum

Disclaimer: The values reported are only estimates; Actual dues may vary slightly

*Dues cannot exceed 6% of gross income
**Subject to any changes by CUNA