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Jar of Successes - Easy & Engaging Team Building Activity for Less than $10
Wednesday, February 19, 2014 6:55 AM

Strong performing teams have a tendency to reach and exceed their goals and then quickly move on to their next goal or project giving very little thought to the achievements they just completed. Corlinda Wooden, co-founder of Wooden Consulting, LLC, says it’s important to pause and reflect on what we did so that we can continue to use those strengths with our future endeavors.

“A simple tool to help you capture these moments with your team is by briefly jotting them on a small piece of paper that will be dropped into a jar,” suggests Wooden. “This jar then acts as a time capsule for the year. At the end of the year when you are having your end of the year celebrations take out the jar, open the lid, and read each of the slips of paper out loud to the team.”

Doing this, Wooden says, keeps things in perspective and focuses on the awesome moments that happen, as well as the amazing people who made them happen.

As you collect these snippets of time throughout the year, Wooden recommends that all team members are actively engaged with the activity. This is not an exercise that only management completes.

“Your team will build a stronger bond and learn more from each other when they take the time to reflect on what a proud moment was for the team or a member of the team,” she says.

As the year progresses, you will need to keep this activity alive. Wooden says you can do this by modeling the behavior of adding to the jar yourself as well as by sending out reminders and then immediately recognizing those who contribute. You can even incorporate the jar once a quarter at a team meeting and use it to talk about the ways everyone is bringing their best foot forward every day.

“The possibilities with this are endless and it is up to you to lead the way,” continues Wooden.