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Increase Your CU's Political Power with Project Zip Code
Thursday, November 1, 2018 6:55 AM

Project Zip Code

November is Project Zip Code Month! Credit union advocates and grassroots groups rely on Project Zip Code, or PZC, to match credit union membership data to congressional and state legislative districts, as well as counties, and every year, users must update their PZC software to the latest version to account for changes in each Zip Code's constituency.

Project Zip Code Version 18.0 is now available for download from

The program enhancement for Version 18.0 is the creation of a mobile-friendly version of the PZC website, which you can access directly through the CUNA Advocacy app. To download the CUNA Advocacy app, visit the Google Play or Apple App stores.

As you prepare for the upcoming state and CUNA governmental affairs conferences, Cornerstone asks that all credit unions in the region run the update for this mighty resource.

Don't Have It? Why Not?

If you're not using Project Zip Code already, we strongly encourage you to look into it. Why? To enhance political power, credit unions must be able to demonstrate that they can influence the outcome of elections. Showing that you have your fingers on the pulse of the candidate's constituency is powerful leverage for getting their attention and their support for our issues.

Since many credit union members reside in states other than the state where their credit union is located, the more participants the more accurate the picture of each district. The program also benefits credit unions by showing where their members are geographically located, which can help with strategic planning, including new or shared branching or ATM placement.

Get more information about Project Zip Code here.

If you have questions about Project Zip Code, please contact April Krause at 469-385-6487 or at