General Session

Frank Mulcahy

Workplace Bullies Are Too Expensive To Keep
Frank Mulcahy, Workplace Bullying Institute, Houston, TX

Learn how to address bullying using evidence-based tools from the firm recognized as originator of U.S. workplace bullying solutions. A quarter of American workers directly experience bullying; 65.6 million workers, including witnesses, are affected. Employers suffer turnover, absenteeism, presenteeism, and payouts for severances and settlements. These costs are preventable. Employers tend to ignore bullying. State laws mandating training are proliferating. We prepare you for compliance.

Knowledge Level: Basic
No Prerequisites or advanced preparation required
Field of Study: Personnel/Human Resources

About Frank Mulcahy

Frank Mulcahy is an award-winning entrepreneur, a sales professional and master presenter. In his career, he has anticipated national business trends with his start-up, leading edge technology companies. He developed for employers educational workshops in the dangers of social media and risk exposure from identity theft long before they became household words. Frank’s immersion in bullying began with training at Clemson University in the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program to minimize bullying among school-age children. Frank attended the WBI Workplace Bullying University® multiple times to hone his mastery of all facets of adult bullying in the workplace. Frank was asked to join Work Doctor to apply his considerable sales talent to the task of introducing Work Doctor anti-bullying services to employers. He has developed an approach to allow employers to engage in the most affordable way possible.

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