General Session

Tatyana St. Germain

Average to Great: How Great People Make Great Companies
Tatyana St. Germain, Great People Management, LLC

In this session, attendees learn how to overcome the challenges associated with hiring the right people. We talk about what average performers may be costing your organization, highlight some of the hiring pitfalls, work to demystify what makes people tick and how to leverage pre-employment tools and processes to make the best possible hiring decision.

Focus points:

  • Hiring challenges and solutions
  • How to hire great people

About Tatyana St. Germain

My name is Tatyana St. Germain and I look forward to helping your organization achieve greatness by placing the right people in the right jobs, building successful teams, and coaching and developing managers and leaders. Why I do it? Because great people will achieve great results and make great companies, and I would like the opportunity to play a part in your success.

Great People Management, LLC started with the idea that employee selection and management should not be complicated. With the wealth of knowledge, variety of tools, software and custom solutions available on the Talent Management market today, it is possible to get the cost and complexity out of the way when you are engaged in building a winning team. Since 2004, the changes and innovation in Talent Management and people resources have been my focus, as I led business showcases and educational programs on the topic of selecting and managing people in the workplace. As an Authorized Strategic Business Partner of Profiles International, a leading provider of assessment solutions, I worked with organizations across the US, Canada, Europe and Asia, and continue to utilize Profiles assessment solutions to provide my clients with actionable data for hiring, development, and succession planning. Profiles International was acquired by John Wiley & Sons in April of 2014. And now, being part of the Wiley brand and backed by over 200 years of research, Great People Management remains committed to providing our clients with superior solutions and services.

I am passionate about helping my clients achieve their strategic objectives and realize a considerable return on the investment made with Great People Management. More often than not, organizational success hinges on people than drive it. People truly are the foundation of every business and the backbone of value and innovation created by an organization. Establishing a sustainable people selection and management solution is well worth the money, time and effort.

My background? I was born and raised in the Soviet Union and hold a degree in Linguistics and English Translation from the State University in Russia. My work as a professional translator fostered the multicultural awareness and adaptive communication style that I find critical when working with people. After moving to the United States in 2000, I received a BA and an MA in International Relations from the Appalachian State University. Between 2000 and 2004, I collaborated with the University’s International Department and was a cultural advisor to students studying languages. I continue to volunteer my cultural expertise to the community and to missionaries traveling to the Russian speaking countries of the former Soviet Union. After a recent move from North Carolina, I now live in Kenosha, WI with my husband of 17 years and 2 wonderful and mostly-well-behaved children.

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