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Phillip Crocker

Employee Engagement: Is Love in the Air?
Phillip Crocker, Resources One CU, Dallas, TX

Think about this... why should your members love the credit union if your employees don’t?  It is critical that Human Resource Professionals understand how employee engagement is defined within their organization, the role it plays in driving staff morale and productivity, and the implications that engagement have on human capital management and overall business success.

How does your employee experience lead to greater levels of positive member experience?

In this session, we will define and help you discover a deeper meaning into employee engagement and how it can impact your overall credit union experience.  Credit Unions have long been touted as places that really care for the member.  Does your organization care this deeply about the people who make this experience a reality?  What can you do, as a HR professional to make this a higher priority – strategically now and in the future?  Don’t miss this session...

Knowledge Level: Basic
No Prerequisites or advanced preparation required
Field of Study: Personnel/Human Resources

About Phillip Crocker

Phillip Crocker is the Director of Cultural Enhancement at Resource One Credit Union, and has been a part of the R1 Family for over fifteen years. In this role, he serves as the head of Training, Human Resources, and Financial Outreach.  Phillip has many years of experience in Training, Facilitation, Public Speaking and Financial Education, and his list of accomplishments continually grow as he positions himself in the community.

Phillip holds a BBA in Business Management from Amber University. For over eleven years has been a Certified Financial Counselor through the Credit Union National Association, and is a Development Educator from the Texas Class of 2016 – the Best Class. In both 2008 and 2009, Phillip received the Texas Focus Award from the Texas Credit Union Foundation (Now the Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation) for his works in financial education. 

His passion is to help people become better versions of themselves.  Specifically to help them discover how to achieve personal and financial success.  When not working, Phillip can be found at a number of area lakes or ponds in North Central Texas catching fish – “not fishing”.  He enjoys reading behavioral psychology books and articles when the weather is not working around his fishing schedule.  Most importantly, he is married to the most wonderful woman in the world and is blessed to have a beautiful and healthy daughter.  What more could anyone ask for in Life?

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