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Howard Bufe

Developing Your Leadership Pipeline
Howard Bufe, Credit Union Resources, Inc.

Nothing is more critical to your credit union’s long-term health than the choice and cultivation of its future leaders. Succession planning and Leadership development are natural allies because they share a vital and fundamental goal: getting the right skills in the right place. Be a farsighted credit union by engaging five rules for setting up a succession management system that will build a steady, reliable pipeline of leadership talent.

Five Rules for setting up a succession management system;

  1. Focus on Development
  2. Identify Linchpin Positions
  3. Make It Transparent
  4. Measure Progress Regularly
  5. Keep It Flexible

About Howard Bufe

Howard Bufe is Assistant Vice President of Credit Union Resources Inc., a subsidiary of the Cornerstone Credit Union League providing professional planning, consulting and training. He assists ALM Resources, a department of Cornerstone, as a financial analyst providing analysis, commentary and guidance for individual credit unions. Howard is a faculty member of Southwest CUNA Management School and has provided consultation and training for management and staff of both the Barbados and Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union Leagues. Howard has 34+ years in the financial services industry.

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