Young Professional Scholarship Opportunity for Hike the Hill

The Cornerstone Credit Union League is offering scholarships to attend our upcoming Hike the Hill in Washington DC, June 26-28. To be eligible applicants must be 40 and under, employed at a Cornerstone affiliated credit union, and have your manager’s approval to attend.

Please complete the form below and submit no later than Friday, May 19th. For questions, contact Gretchen Ziegler at

Credit Union: 
Are you currently involved in Advocacy?

If so, please describe:
What do you hope to gain by participating in Hike the Hill?
Why do you think it's important for CU professionals to be politically involved?
If someone asked why you should join a CU over a bank, what would you say?
Would you be willing to film a video of your experience that could be shared with other YPs?