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Rick Grady

The Assassination of Emperor Caligula: Capitalizing on Social and Economic Change
Rick Grady, VP Research, Cornerstone Credit Union League

Sometimes change is gradual and mostly unnoticed while, at other times, it is violent and thrust upon us. In the past decade we have experienced both. Where are we today, what is to become of us, and can we influence our purpose? We will advance thoughts on if and how we can capitalize on change in the social and economic environment, and avoid a spear from the old guard.

About Rick Grady

Richard (Rick) Grady is Vice President for Research at the Cornerstone Credit Union League, leading research activities for the association and its members. He helps people understand current environment situations and prepare for future trends facing credit unions. With 25 years of credit union and financial-technology industry experience provides a platform for spotting future credit union opportunities.


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