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First-Year SCMS Students Challenged to Think, Connect, and Collaborate
Wednesday, June 25, 2014 6:50 AM

Southwest CUNA Management School sets the bar high, challenging students even before they set foot on campus. This year's school begins with a private and interactive online forum where students gather to discuss strategic planning, leadership, and more, including not only their assignments, but how their organization's activities and policies work in relation to best practices and where improvements can be made to benefit the credit union and its members. Discussion in this forum is key.

The online forum resembles sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter in that students create a profile and have the opportunity to get acquainted before they come together as a class. SCMS Director and Synergist Janine McBee says, "We are excited to see how this interactive tool impacts students and enhances the learning environment."

As part of 50 faculty and mentors, David Goldsmith of Goldsmith Organization, LLC, teaches first-year SCMS students on day one. His class is based on his book, Paid to Think, Strategic Leadership Insights, Tools, and Tips, and incorporates the online forum with a focus on:

  • Enterprise Thinking
  • Rethinking: Strategizing, Learning, Performing & Forecasting
  • Developing Plans
  • Enhancing Global Awareness
  • Empowering Others
  • Selling Continuously

Goldsmith says, "Leaders are the ultimate salespeople, whether or not they directly sell products and services. They must sell their credentials, their ideas and initiatives, and their organizations' strengths and potential all the time to a wide range of 'buyers,' such as managers, frontline employees, bankers, officials, media, board members, consumers, colleagues, global contacts, vendors, and so on. Yet, given the complexities of leadership sales, it's surprising that most decision makers have never taken even a single sales course!"

In Goldsmith's jam-packed course, students will learn:

  • A new road map for those in leadership that outlines 12 specific activities every leader should be skilled at to:
    • Create rapid growth; and
    • Increase customer and employee satisfaction, growing overall value to the credit union.
  • Assumptions preventing you from making rapid progress towards your overall desired outcomes and what changes you can make to easily overcome these obstacles.
  • How to rethink the current strategic and tactical model to bring clarity to daily activities.
  • What leadership is responsible for delivering to insure that there are no fires—progress is made daily.
  • The rationale behind the phrase "All management exists in the future." And what you can do to bring even greater leadership to those you manage.
  • The secret counterintuitive executive selling approach, providing audience members with proven tools and methodologies to achieve the types of immediate results that transform careers and organizations.

"With volatile capital markets, politicians in Washington changing the rules daily, the economy on life support, personal finances in turmoil, and high unemployment," Goldsmith posits, "what is a leader supposed to do to increase their membership, maintain a stable credit union, and continually deliver products and services that meet the needs of the membership?"

For the answer, you'll have to enroll in the SCMS program—which is still open until June 30.

Students in the first year class represent a broad cross-section of credit unions in Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas, ranging from $3 million to $3 billion in assets. The collective student body ranges from CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, and managers to MSR, lending, operations, and marketing personnel; and the range of financial services experience varies significantly, from one month to 32 years. Just goes to show there's a lot within this program for everyone.

Enrollment for the 2014 SCMS Summer Session closes Monday, June 30. Contact SCMS Director & Synergist, Janine McBee at or (469) 385.6634, or visit for more information.