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Filene: Your Members' Journey
Tuesday, April 11, 2017 6:35 AM

Learn how to create an experience that will retain members, grow share of wallet, and attract new members.

Do you fully understand your member experience today? How hard is it to obtain a new membership, a new account, a new loan, or resolve an issue with your credit union? 

The Harvard Business Review recently published research linking low customer effort to high customer loyalty. They asked this single question: “How much effort did you personally have to put forth to handle your request?”

What did they find? A high correlation between low customer effort and loyalty.

Filene's Member Journey advisory program, grounded in research and created in response to credit union need, evaluates and improves the member journey and focuses on ease of use. 

  • Benchmark, measure, and improve your current member experience across the top three-to-five most critical products;
  • Journey map current member experience and desired future state experiences;
  • Develop an ease of use strategy;
  • Understand how people shop online for credit union products and services by watching them do it! It is the best way;
  • Decrease hassles and make doing business with your credit union easy by finding the pain points and correcting them;
  • Improve your digital strategy, the primary research and shopping channel for most consumers;
  • Develop an human-centered innovation competency among your staff;
  • Improve member loyalty;
  • Ongoing support to ensure the strategy moves forward into action and drives results.

Learn more about Filene's advisory program.