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Failure to Execute a Roadblock to Success, Urquhart Says
Wednesday, November 20, 2013 6:40 AM

When it comes to achieving success, motivational speaker Jody Urquhart says execution is often our biggest roadblock. According to Urquhart, we exhaust a great deal of effort trying to discover strategy and direction for all the different components of our lives. Unfortunately, success can sometimes escape us due to failure to execute.

“We are well trained to plan but not necessarily to execute,” explains Urquhart. “Anytime I have had success it is simply from focus and perseverance. Changing strategy along the way is necessary to adjust to the shifting environments, but I would argue that the real basis for success is persistence.”

Achieving success, Urquhart says, also means learning to say “no” sometimes.

“The inability to say no allows all the distractions along the way to sabotage our planning,” she notes. “We each only have so much time, energy and resources. Over-extending in areas that are not important to our goals can be fatal to results.”

We must also learn to prioritize and stay focused on one or two objectives, as according to Urquhart, taking on too much and expecting big results quickly is a recipe for disaster.

“We spend most of our day multi-tasking, feeling that we’re accomplishing twice as much by doing two things simultaneously, when, in fact, it has been shown that distracted attention usually dilutes results, to reducing productivity by 40 percent,” Urquhart points out.  

When you choose a goal, Urquhart says it’s important to follow through with focus and execution.

“Strategy, planning and research are the slow parts of goal achievement,” she says. “Remember that action brings enthusiasm and results to the forefront, so continue to keep a forward motion – execute.”