Don't Tax My Credit Union Campaign

Cards Available for Printing

The “Don’t Tax” cards are the newest resource in the Cornerstone League’s campaign to defend the credit union tax exemption. These tri-card sheets include information to help educate your members on the adverse consequences of taxation. All you need to do is print as many of the graphic versions as you need. If you would like hard copies printed and shipped to you, please contact and we’ll provide you a quote for printing and shipping costs.

Arkansas Don't Tax Card Oklahoma Don't Tax Card Texas Don't Tax Card
Arkansas Card (without bleed)
Arkansas Card (with bleed)
Oklahoma Card (without bleed)
Oklahoma Card (with bleed)
Texas Card (without bleed)
Texas Card (with bleed)

It’s easy to use the cards. Simply ask your members to fill in their name and address, and then return the cards to the credit union for mailing to lawmakers. You may wish to promote the cards in your lobbies, teller lines or on your credit union’s website. You can include a personal cover letter with the cards informing lawmakers that your members are counting on their support to protect the credit union tax exemption. 

To obtain the contact information for your congressional representatives, visit the following websites:


Thank you for your support of the “Don’t Tax My Credit Union” campaign.