Disaster Questionnaire

for NCUA & Texas Credit Union Department

  1. What has management done to assess the overall impact to the credit union?
    a. Have you completed an impact assessment?
         i. (Essentially you should be able to provide documentation to show your evaluation of loans in high impact areas by type, potential loss, insurance coverages, etc.).
    b. Have you evaluated your potential losses?
  2. What is your communication process with members?
    a. How are you maintaining contact with members with increased loss potential?
  3. What system or mechanism is management using to identify potentially or actually affected members?
    a. (address mapping, Geo‐coding, FEMA flood maps, etc.)
    b. The best case is a system that shows potential, in‐process, and resolved members.
  4. How are you monitoring for higher than normal deposits from insurance proceeds and the potential impact on net worth?
  5. What triggers/risk reports is management using to signify whether a member is beginning to suffer financial deterioration or distress?
    a. For example, is management monitoring the unused balances on credit cards/LOCs?
    b. Is management monitoring very short term delinquency increases?
    c. Larger than normal share withdrawals?
  6. Have you changed the ALLL methodology to reserve for potential losses specific to the hurricane/flooding?
    a. Are there separate loan pools or Q&E factors?
    b. Are the loss estimates based on reasonable assumptions?
    c. What is the additional ALLL funding as a result of the estimated loss assessment and the resulting impact to earnings and net worth?
  7. What system do you have in place to track the number and dollar amount of skip‐pays, deferrals, or extensions for early detection of deferred delinquency related to the hurricane?
    a. What are the dollar amounts for each type of deferral by loan type and deferral period?
    b. What is the projected income impact from the deferrals?
  8. How did you identify real estate loans at risk or actually affected by the flood (whether in or out of an official flood zone)?
    a. What are the totals?
  9. What are the number and amount of flooded vehicle loans?
    a. What are the number and amount of flooded vehicle loans that do not have GAP insurance?
  10. What information has management obtained regarding sponsor operations, layoffs, employee assistance, etc.?
    a. Will the credit union have a significant impact or suffer significant losses from a large sponsor layoff/shutdown?
         i. If so, what is the projected impact?