Credit Unions: Ready, Organize, Activate, Respond

Change is coming! Check back later for a new look at the CU: R.O.A.R. program.

“Most battles are won before they are ever fought.”

This quote, made famous by WWII General, George S. Patton, captures the idea behind CU: R.O.A.R.

What is CU: R.O.A.R.?

CU: R.O.A.R.It’s the Cornerstone Credit Union League’s initiative for grassroots and PAC support that stands for Ready, Organize, Activate, and Respond.  Simply put, it is an advocacy program that connects credit union advocates with lawmakers.

While we often boast of "millions of credit union members ready to respond" the reality is that unless we can back it up with real grassroots action, our efforts ring hollow.  It is for this reason that we urge you to join CU: R.O.A.R.

  • Be “Ready” by staying informed on political issues affecting credit unions.
  • Get “Organized” by identifying credit union staff, volunteers and members who are willing to become politically active.
  • “Activate” when alerted by your League to take action on a critical legislative or regulatory issue, and contact those individuals you identified in the “organize” stage.
  • Finally, “Respond” by contacting your lawmakers via emails; phone calls; or personal visits.  This also includes submitting comment letters on key regulatory issues.

How does my credit union sign up for CU: R.O.A.R.? 

The credit union CEO should complete the CU: R.O.A.R. enrollment form.  This will add your credit union to the “ROAR” list, and help us better understand the types of advocacy activities that you are willing to engage in.

Once your credit union is signed up, ask any staff, volunteers or members who are interested in becoming more involved in advocacy to also complete the enrollment form.  These folks will serve as your “Advocacy Team” for responding to calls to action or participating in local legislative meetings.

What do I need to do in order to be considered a CU: R.O.A.R. credit union?

  • Start an advocacy team. Identify volunteers and staff who are interested in becoming involved in advocacy. There isn't a miniumum requirement; the goal is to make it work for your credit union.
  • Sign up for Payroll Deduction. Back your PAC. For as little as $1 per week you can make a difference in the credit union movement.
  • Run Project Zip Code (PZC). PZC matches credit union members to their state and federal legislative districts demonstrating the grassroots strength of credit unions.

Why should my credit union do this?

We all know credit unions are highly regulated by both the state and federal government.  That means changes in laws and regulations can have a big impact on operations, the bottom-line and, most importantly, our ability to serve our members.

So, if you want to have a say in your own affairs, and don’t want to let others (banks?) control your fate, it only makes sense to become politically engaged.

How much extra work is involved?

Not much at all.  In fact, it’s really up to you.  We realize you’re already busy running a credit union.  All we’re asking you to do is agree to “get involved” when we alert you to important issues affecting credit unions.

You always have final decision on which issues you’ll work on and how much effort you’ll put into it.  Depending on your time and resources, it might mean you’ll send an email to a lawmaker or visit them at their local office.  Or, you might encourage your staff and volunteers to write letters to a regulator on a potentially harmful proposal.  Or, you may even join fellow credit union leaders for meetings with lawmakers in Washington, DC. It’s all up to you.

Participating Credit Unions


Alcoa Community FCU
Arkansas Best FCU
Arkansas Employees FCU
Arkansas Health FCU
Arkansas Superior FCU
Diamond Lakes FCU

Henderson State University FCU
Hurrican Creek FCU
Lion FCU
Mil-Way FCU
Northeast Arkansas FCU

Pine Bluff Cotton Belt FCU
Pine FCU
TruService Community FCU
UP Arkansas FCU


Allegiance CU
Arbuckle FCU
Central Oklahoma FCU
Cherokee Strip CU
Communication FCU
Department of Public Safety FCU
El Reno RIL Credit Union
Encentus FCU

Energize CU
First Family FCU
Green Country FCU
Hillcrest FCU
Muskogee Federal Credit Union
Oklahoma Central CU
Oklahoma Educators CU

Oklahoma Employees CU
Oklahoma FCU
Red Crown Federal Credit Union
Tinker FCU
True Sky CU
Truity CU
TTCU, Oklahoma
Unversity & Community FCU


1st University CU
Abilene Teachers FCU
Allied FCU
Amarillo Community FCU
America’s CU
American Airlines FCU
Amplify FCU
Austin FCU
Big Spring Education Employees FCU
Border FCU
Caprock FCU
Chocolate Bayou Com FCU
Coastal Community and Teachers CU
Community Resource CU
Complex Community FCU
Concho Valley CU
Cosden FCU
Credit Human, a Federal Credit Union
C-T Waco FCU
Cy-Fair FCU
DuGood FCU
Educators CU
El Paso Teacher’s FCU
Employees CU
Energy Capital CU
Express-News FCU
First Central CU
First Class American CU
First Service FCU
FirstLight FCU
Firstmark CU
FivePoint CU
Fort Worth City CU

Freestone FCU
Generations FCU
Golden Triangle FCU
Gulf Coast FCU
Gulf CU
Heart O' Texas FCU
Houston Highway CU
Houston Metropolitan FCU
Houston Police FCU
Houston Texas Fire Fighters FCU
Kelly Community FCU
Life FCU
Lone Star CU
Lufkin FCU
Members Choice of Houston CU
MemberSource CU
Mountain Star FCU
My Community CU
Navy Army Community CU
Neches FCU
Neighborhood CU
North East Texas CU
One Source FCU
Peoples Trust FCU
Pollock Employees CU
Prestige Community CU
Randolph-Brooks FCU
Resource One CU
Rocket FCU
Sabine FCU
Sacred Heart Parish FCU
Santa Fe FCU
Security First CU

Security Service FCU
Select FCU
Shared Resources Credit Union
Shell FCU
Smart Financial CU
South Texas FCU
Southern FCU
Southland FCU
Southwest 66 CU
Southwest Airlines FCU
Southwest Financial FCU
Space City CU
Star of Texas CU
Tarrant County's CU
Telco Plus CU
Temple-Inland FCU
Texas Bay CU
Texas Community FCU
Texas Health CU
Texas Health Resources CU
Texas People FCU
Texas Trust CU
Texas Workforce FCU
Texhillco School Employees FCU
Texoma Community CU
The Electric Utilities CU
The People's FCU
Tip of Texas FCU
Transtar FCU
Union Square CU
United Texas CU
Unity One CU
University FCU
Ward County CU
Wellspring FCU
WesTex Community CU


To learn more about CU: R.O.A.R., watch the presentation.

For questions about CU: R.O.A.R. contact April Krause at or call 800-442-5762 ext. 6487.