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Cornerstone Region Stats You Can Use: CU Activity in 2014
Monday, March 2, 2015 7:00 AM

Cornerstone credit unions have been doing exceptionally well overall, and when you review the statistics for the last year, the evidence is clear. During 2014, the Cornerstone region credit unions:

  • Managed the financial needs of over 28 percent of the combined citizen populations of Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.
  • Managed over $9,000 in savings by every member.
  • Experienced members increase their savings accounts by 4.3 percent, to produce a combined savings growth of $3.7 billion.
  • Serviced nearly $7,000 in loans to every member.
  • Grew their loan portfolio assets by over 10 percent, or $6.2 billion.
  • Granted over 3.1 million new loans. That's nearly 12,000 loans issued every business day, or 25 loans every minute.
  • Issued $35.7 billion in new loans, money used by consumers to purchase local goods and services. That's over $1,000 every second of every day, or $97.9 million every day.
  • Employed nearly 24,500 people and spent over $1.6 billion on compensation. On average, this equals $32.07 for every business hour in gross wages and benefits.
  • Spent nearly $129,000 on training and educating their employees every single business day.
  • Purchased over $133 million in advertising and promotional materials.
  • Paid over $1.1 million for professional and outside services every single business day.
  • Paid over $210.5 million in taxes.
  • Paid over $1.7 billion for goods and services in their local communities.

Source:  Rick Grady, VP Research, Cornerstone Credit Union League