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Cornerstone Recognizes Members of Chairman's Circle
Tuesday, March 21, 2017 7:00 AM

The legislative and regulatory success of the Cornerstone Credit Union League can be attributed to the combined efforts of strong advocates like those who've joined our Chairman's Circle. We value the significant contributions of these credit union leaders—financially and in sweat equity.

Suzanne Chism
Suzanne Chism, Texas Health Resources CU

The members of the Chairman's Circle are advocates who rise above and beyond the call of duty, who work reliably to fund our efforts and contribute a minimum of $1,500 per year to our political action committees (PAC). These generous contributions allow us to build and maintain an influential and effective advocacy program that represents and promotes the values and the strength of our credit unions.

“As the CEO of a small credit union and chairman of the Texas Cornerstone Credit Union League Political Action Committee (TCCUL PAC), I appreciate how vitally important a strong, well-funded PAC is to the future of the credit union system," said Texas Health Resources Credit Union CEO Suzanne Chism. "When the Chairman’s Circle was introduced, I saw this as an opportunity to increase my contribution through Payroll Deduction and support Cornerstone’s advocacy efforts at a higher level of engagement.”  

Jim Minge
Jim Minge, Texas Trust CU

“As you may know, credit unions were legislated into existence by the stroke of a pen and can just as easily be eliminated in the same manner," said Texas Trust Credit Union CEO Jim Minge. "I decided to join the Chairman’s Circle because it’s essential that credit unions have allies in the state legislatures and in Congress when decisions are being made about the future of our system. If you are not already doing so, I would encourage all credit union professionals to support the PAC at some level to ensure that our system thrives far into the future.” 

Our Chairman's Circle members are:

  • Tim Adams, SPCO CU
  • Kyle Ashley, United SA FCU
  • Craig Atkinson, Houston Highway CU
  • Shawn Bailey, AMOCO FCU
  • James Boyd, Abilene Teachers FCU
  • Jim Brisendine, Resource One CU
  • Tony Budet, University FCU
  • Suzanne Chism, Texas Health Resources CU
  • Dick Ensweiler, Cornerstone Credit Union League
  • Bob Gallman, Cornerstone Credit Union League
  • Steve Gilman, Houston Texas Fire Fighters FCU
  • Jon Gorman, Cornerstone Credit Union League
  • Kenny Harrington, MemberSource CU
  • Karen Hart, Cornerstone Credit Union League
  • Willy Kelsey, Texas Trust CU
  • Mike Kloiber, Tinker FCU
  • Crystal Long, GECU
  • Angela McCathran, People’s Trust FCU
  • Jim Minge, Texas Trust CU
  • Sarah O’Brien, Randolph-Brooks FCU
  • Chris O’Connor, Randolph-Brooks FCU
  • Gary Parker, 1st University CU
  • Aaron Persons, University FCU
  • Jim Phelps, Cornerstone Credit Union League
  • Craig Rohden, Space City CU
  • Chuck Rutan, Southwest Airlines FCU
  • Vicky Salkeld, Arkansas Credit Union Association
  • Pamela Stephens, Texas Trust CU
  • Yung Tran, University FCU
  • Paul Trylko, Amplify FCU
  • Paul Withey, Members Choice CU
  • Nate Webb, Oklahoma Credit Union Association
  • Gretchen Ziegler, Cornerstone Credit Union League
Craig Rohden
Craig Rohden, Space City CU

The collective donations from our state PACs (ARCUPAC, OCUPAC, and TCCUL PAC) make it possible to support the candidates and elected officials who work hard for our credit unions and their members.

“As someone who has been involved in the credit union movement for a number of years, I’ve seen the impact we can make when we work collectively toward one goal," said Space City Credit Union CEO Craig Rhoden. "When I saw the challenge to participate in the Chairman’s Circle, it caused me to think about how important credit unions are, not only to me personally but to our communities in general. Supporting the PAC is one way I can ensure that my members will continue to have access to the products and services we offer that help make their lives a bit better.”

Kenny Harrington
Kenny Harrington, Member Source CU

MemberSource Credit Union CEO Kenny Harrington said, "There's an old saying, 'If you're not at the table you're on the menu.' A strong PAC insures that credit unions have a seat at the table when decisions are being made that can have a profound impact on our future and the future of the credit union movement. The Chairman's Circle encourages credit union professionals to support the PAC at a more robust level so that our collective voice is heard not only in the state legislatures but also in Congress."

Mike Kloiber
Mike Kloiber, Tinker FCU

"Being part of the Chairman's Circle and contributing at that high level is a reflection of our confidence in the election results that can be achieved through our PAC contributions, which go to pro-credit union candidates," said Tinker Federal Credit Union President/CEO Mike Kloiber. "Up and down the line, these funds help ensure that the Credit Union Movement and the interests of our credit union members are well supported now and in the future. I'm happy to be part of this elite group of contributors."

If you'd like to join the Chairman's Circle too, please contact Gretchen Ziegler at or 469-385-6484.