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Cornerstone Lending Seminars in Little Rock
Thursday, February 26, 2015 6:45 AM

Bring a calculator and your organization's blank consumer loan applications, and be prepared for a down-to-earth exploration of consumer credit at the Cornerstone Lending Seminars in Little Rock, Arkansas, on July 28-29.

Whether one is just starting out or wants a refresher, this lending program will be a great investment. Participants will be able to share ideas with others possessing different experience levels.

Day One topics, "Stepping into Consumer Lending," will include:

  • The philosophy of consumer lending and why it is offered
  • The role of regulations and compliance on consumer lending
  • The terminology of consumer lending
  • The two lending equations to making a solid loan decision
  • Learning the two most important financial reports
  • Members preference usually differs from that of the credit union
  • The application process and the various application types
  • The various documents associated with the credit investigation
  • The decision process and why the letter “c” is most important
  • The four types of collateral and how they relate to loan amount
  • Understanding the different types of consumer loan products
  • Understanding credit scores

Day Two topics, "Going Up," will include:

  • The role one’s values plays in lending
  • How to effectively communicate with members during the loan interview
  • Ethics and the role it plays in lending
  • Risk-based lending and how loan products are priced
  • A new market for consumer loans
  • Techniques to build member relationships using a consumer loan application
  • Information on credit reports and how to read them
  • The red flags and challenges associated with lending
  • Make decisions on sample credit applications

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