Cornerstone Credit Union League Becomes Official
Monday, July 1, 2013 10:00 AM

Monday, July 1, 2013 – (FARMERS BRANCH, Texas) The power of collaboration is strong, as credit unions in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas join forces to form the Cornerstone Credit Union League, which becomes official today.

Following a “yes” vote by credit unions in each of the states, as well as a tremendous amount of work, research and planning by the Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas leagues, the Cornerstone Credit Union League has emerged as the largest credit union league in the country.

“This is truly an exciting day for the credit union movement,” says Dwayne Ashcraft, former board chairman of the Arkansas Credit Union League and now board member of the Cornerstone Credit Union League. “These past several years of working together have proven productive and fruitful, which is a good indication of what’s to come in this partnership.”

Gina A. Wilson, former chair of the Credit Union Association of Oklahoma and a board of director for the new Cornerstone Credit Union League echoes Ashcraft’s sentiments.

“The power of collaboration is strong indeed,” she says. “I’m confident in our future and look forward to the great things this organization is poised to do for our some 646 credit unions.”

Cornerstone Credit Union League is based in Dallas, with satellite offices in Little Rock, Oklahoma City and Austin.

Longtime Texas Credit Union League President and CEO Dick Ensweiler, has been selected to serve as CEO of the Cornerstone Credit Union League, with each satellite office having its own president.

“It’s an honor to have been selected to lead this organization. With the combined talent, knowledge and resources of our three states, we are enthusiastic about enhancing member services for our credit unions so they can better serve their members.”

Following are the board of directors for the new Cornerstone Credit Union League:

  • Chairman Paul A. Trylko, Region 2, Asset Category 3
  • Vice-Chairman Kenny C. Harrington, Region 1, Asset Category 2
  • Secretary Michael D. Kloiber, Region 4, Asset Category 3
  • Treasurer Windy K. Campbell, Region 5, Asset Category 1
  • Dwayne L. Ashcraft, Region 5, Asset Category 2
  • Jason C. Boesch, Region 4, Asset Category 1
  • James L. Boyd, Region 3, Asset Category 3
  • Jim Brisendine, Region 6, Asset Category 3
  • Allen L. Brown, Region 5, Asset Category 3
  • Z. Suzanne Chism, Region 6, Asset Category 1
  • Nancy M. Croix Stroud, Region 3, Asset Category 1
  • L. Wayne Mansur, Region 6, Asset Category 2
  • Carol Murray, Region 2, Asset Category 1
  • Robert C. Peterson, Region 3, Asset Category 2
  • James S. Tuggle, Region 1, Asset Category 1
  • JoBetsy Tyler, Region 2, Asset Category 2
  • Gina A. Wilson, Region 4, Asset Category 2
  • Paul Withey, Region 1, Asset Category 3
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