Cornerstone Credit Union League Activates Long-Term Digital Campaign to Engage Technology Savvy Consumers in the Credit Union Movement
Friday, June 29, 2018 2:00 PM

Campaign uses digital strategies to educate audiences on credit union strengths and benefits 

DALLAS — Backed by the great success of a digital campaign launched last year, Cornerstone Credit Union League is expanding its effort to include more digital channels as part of a long-term initiative to affect consumer awareness. Cornerstone’s second-year digital campaign will aim to engage consumers whose media consumption habits are increasingly leaning toward digital media channels for news, content, entertainment and online help. The goal is to reach these consumers with messaging that touts why credit unions are the smart and savvy choice when it comes to financial benefits and freedom. 

“We’ve learned that consumers are more likely to join a credit union after becoming informed about the financial benefits of having a relationship with a credit union and highly personalized service they offer to members,” said Jon K. Gorman, Cornerstone Senior Vice President Communications & Outreach. “Our goal with the digital campaign is to reach and educate consumers where they are online about the power of credit unions with an approach that feels native to their Internet experience.

While Cornerstone continues in 2018 to help to promote credit unions to the public in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, Cornerstone also continues to work with CUNA on a larger, national effort. Following CUNA’s update on a national initiative on Friday, June 29, Cornerstone’s President/CEO Caroline Willard said, "We at Cornerstone have been working closely with CUNA on the Creating Awareness Initiative, so I was excited to witness Jim Nussle’s announcement about the funding goal today. While we will continue our successful local initiative, we will also communicate ways in which Cornerstone credit unions can be a part of the larger CUNA initiative when it launches in 2019."

Cornerstone’s enhanced digital strategy in 2018 will use targeted video and banner ad placement, streaming audio, Behavioral Targeting and social media optimization to reach audiences, especially Hispanics and Millennials aged 18 to 34 years old who trend high in technology use. Among all consumers, online video consumption has exponentially increased in popularity and is highly consumed across a multitude of channels. With this in mind, as part of Cornerstone’s digital strategy, consumers will see video pre-roll placements with credit union messaging prior to viewing online videos on top streaming platforms including Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast and Sling. Consumers will also see and hear banner ad placements delivered via mobile devices and desktop computers as well on streaming audio platforms such as Pandora, Spotify, Slacker Radio and NPR.  

A key component of the expanded digital strategy will be the use of Behavioral Targeting. With this tactic, Cornerstone will be able to engage with consumers whose online behaviors match the objectives of the campaign. For example, those searching for content about banking, mortgages, refinancing and auto loans will be served with ads about credit union solutions within one minute of a content search taking place. Unlike traditional targeting tactics, this approach is not tied to predetermined websites. Rounding out the digital approach will be social media optimization to engage with consumers on a multitude of social media platforms with the credit union message. 

Cornerstone’s digital strategy is fueled by its in-depth research findings on consumer behaviors in relation to how they felt and thought about credit unions in general. These findings were found to be in alignment with research recently conducted by the Credit Union National Association. Research insights showed that when it comes to selecting a financial institution they can trust, consumers who are educated about the strengths and benefits of credit unions, and the differences between them and other financial institutions, are more likely to choose a credit union.   

Cornerstone’s first year digital campaign saw an impressive 2-to-1 return on investment on the campaign’s value and an above industry standard click-through rate of .25 percent on its digital assets. The industry standard is .05 percent. Additionally, the campaign generated nearly 65 million total impressions across all of its digital vehicles with the month of September seeing the highest audience engagement numbers of 1.48 percent with a home mortgage message. The success of the digital campaign points to consumers being highly interested in learning more about credit unions and how to become a member.      

Gorman shared, “We are a smarter choice than other financial institutions because credit unions put their members first. We are driven by meaningful engagement with our members, and we strive to become trusted partners who work with our members to help them achieve their every day and long-term financial goals faster.”

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The Cornerstone Credit Union League is the nation’s largest regional credit union trade association, serving more than 500 credit unions in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Cornerstone exists to advance the success of credit unions in the region through legislative and grassroots advocacy; regulatory and compliance support; training, educational, and networking opportunities; essential communications related to the news and information affecting the credit union industry; and other products and services that establish Cornerstone as the essential partner for credit unions.

For further information, contact:

Jon Gorman, Senior Vice President of Communications & Outreach
Cornerstone Credit Union League
800-442-5762, ext. 6412 (toll free)