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February 2019
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Cornerstone Announces Availability of June 2018 Peer Statistics
Tuesday, October 9, 2018 6:40 AM

June 2018 FICU Peer Group Statistics are now available in the ALM section of the Cornerstone CU League website. Groupings reflect all FICUs in the U.S., all FICUs <20 million, all FICUs 20 million to 100 million, all FICUs >100 million, and a breakdown of results for credit unions in the three Cornerstone states of Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. 

There are 5,596 federally insured credit unions in the U.S. reporting at June 2018.  Arkansas has 56 active charters, Oklahoma has 60, and Texas has 461 reporting at mid-year for a total of 577 Cornerstone credit unions representing 10.3 percent of all U.S. credit unions.

Consistent characteristics for All FICUs:

  • Loan mixes tend to rise as assets increase
  • Diversity of deposits occurs as assets rise and the need for liquidity increases
  • Larger credit unions tend to place more of their investments in government securities with less reliance on corporate credit unions and bank CDs
  • Earnings more than triple between the smallest and largest asset sizes
  • Net expense ratios decline as credit unions increase in size
  • Small credit unions have higher net worth positions but pose a greater level of risk to the net worth
  • Delinquency and net charge offs decline as assets increase

Within Cornerstone:

  • Loan yields are consistent in all three states
  • Arkansas investment yield is below Oklahoma and Texas due to heavier reliance on corporate and CD investments
  • Texas has the highest loan mix and therefore the lowest investment mix of the three states
  • Oklahoma credit unions place the largest percentage of investments in government securities
  • Credit unions in all three states show relatively low liquidity levels at June 2018
  • Expense ratios are fairly consistent with a 10 basis point differential between the three states
  • Arkansas enjoys a net worth position 3 percent above other states in the Cornerstone region
  • Delinquency ratios are consistent within the three states
  • Arkansas has the lowest Net Charge Off ratio, Oklahoma experienced the highest year to date loan losses

For more detailed information on June 2018 peer results, please visit the ALM section on Cornerstone CU League’s website.