Breakout Session 5

Barry Thompson

When Social Media Attacks
Barry Thompson, Thompson Consulting Group, LLC

Social media websites have changed the world. For all the good social media can be as an effective marketing tool for attracting an ever-younger (and an ever-older) member base, it can also be used as a weapon against a credit union. We review how, unmonitored, social media can become a nightmare for public relations. Barry demonstrates how a social media attack can be constructed, and, if successful, cause the credit union to lose market share and accounts and enough negative publicity that might lead to a failure. Barry discusses embarrassing problems that other businesses and financial institutions have had to handle, and pro-active solutions that will keep your credit union in the “like” category.

About Barry Thompson

Barry Thompson, the author of 101 Security Tips for the Beginning Security Officer, is known as

“The Fraud Educator.” He has worked in the financial services industry for over three decades, holding the positions of security officer, compliance officer, treasurer, senior vice president, and executive vice president. He is the only fraud educator in his industry that has worked in senior management positions, which affords him unique insight into financial institutions.

Over the course of his career, Barry handled over 900 security cases. He has been involved with investigations and prosecutions on the federal, state, and local levels, and has testified before grand juries, county courts, bankruptcy courts, family courts, and the New York State Supreme

Court. As a security specialist for a national financial trade association, Barry was involved in all phases of organizing the National Operations, Technology and Security Conference, including designing and overseeing the conference’s security track, hiring conference speakers, and writing the conference manual.

Barry is an in-demand, internationally-recognized speaker where he has made fraud, theft, and security presentations to groups throughout the country, in Europe, and at the United Nations.

Recognizing the importance of professional development for himself as well as those he teaches, he has completed certification requirements and attended prestigious schools held at

Northwestern University, the University of Oklahoma, Emory University, and Fairfield University. He has put his knowledge and expertise to use as an instructor for various financial organization schools and institutes.

Barry is also a writer who contributes to Bankers’ Hotline,, and other industry publications. He is the security and compliance “guru” for, and has been interviewed by Newsweek, Consumer Reports, and other national and regional publications.

Today, his firm focuses primarily on training at national and state conferences and conventions and in-house to banks and credit unions, from physical security to computer security. This includes in-depth instruction on identity theft, internal fraud, scams and schemes, conducting investigations, social media, and bank robbery. To date, he has trained more than 40,000 financial professionals—and growing.

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