Opening General Session

Rome Madison

Claim Your Star Power!
Rome Madison, Global Superstar Enterprises, LLC

Rome shares his journey from bankruptcy, struggling with a homeless mother with no options, to a corporate VP with stock options!  His message empowers a larger vision of what’s possible for you and your credit union.

You learn:

  • You have Star Power potential to create more of what you want in life!
  • How to create a vision that will make you unstoppable!
  • Why it is impossible to succeed without others.
  • To have a greater appreciation for YOU and what you have to offer.

About Rome Madison

Rome Madison is an author and expert on personal and professional reinvention. He has mastered the fine art of falling flat on his face, and getting up with grace. As a college football star, business owner and Vice President in the medical sales industry, Rome knows what it takes to overcome obstacles to better your best and sustain success.

Although Rome’s achievements are impressive, it was a series of tragic and humbling events that inspired him to Claim His Star Power!

Rome says, “Star Power is your inner ability to create more of what you want in life, by doing more with what you already have.”

Rome has devoted his life to helping others tap this power to achieve their goals and dreams.

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