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Eric North

The TCPA: Scourge of Modern Technology
Eric North, NorthLegal

Just a few years ago many credit unions rolled their eyes at mention of the TCPA. Surely a law couldn't be as restrictive as some said it was. Surely the penalties couldn't be as massive as the lecturers said.

What a difference a few years makes. Both large and small credit unions have been hit with litigation and paid out big settlements because they made those false assumptions. Meanwhile, the law hasn't changed but this restrictive law has been interpreted in increasingly restrictive ways. And still, there are myths and misunderstandings about what it permits and prohibits. During this session, participants learn details about the TCPA and what we really know (and don't know) about it.

The discussion includes, among other topics:

  • How the TCPA relates to your credit union -- even if you're a little one using old telephone equipment.
  • How common misunderstandings (such as "It's ok to call if the member gave us the number") can lead to disaster.
  • How court and FCC decisions shape your responsibilities under the TCPA.
  • What you need to discuss with your collection agency.
  • Steps you can take to reduce your risk.
  • What’s on the horizon.

About Eric North

Eric North is an attorney who has represented the interests of credit unions for more than 30 years, with a California legal practice that includes handling compliance, contract, litigation, and bankruptcy and collection matters.

Eric is recognized in the credit union community as an expert on the TCPA, and has been teaching credit unions about it since 2008--long before most were paying attention to it.  More recently, he has taught the subject at the CUNA Attorney's Conference and at various onsite and online programs for state and regional credit union leagues.

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