Closing Keynote Session

Jones Loflin

Now We Go Home…So What?
Jones Loflin, H.O.P.E. - Helping Others Prepare for Excellence

You’ve packed the hotel hand lotion, double checked to make sure you haven’t left anything behind, and you’re already thinking about everything you need to catch up on when you get back.  If you’re not careful, you could lose the tremendous momentum you have built over the past two days in the daily grind of tomorrow.

It’s time to develop a plan to keep you and your chapter moving forward. Building on your insights and ideas from the conference, Jones will help each of us create a plan of “attack” that closes the gap between where our chapters are… and where we want them to be.

About Jones Loflin

Prior to becoming an internationally-recognized speaker, Jones Loflin was an educator. His past work also includes serving as the "Trainer of Trainers" for the best-selling book, Who Moved My Cheese? Jones holds a BS and M.Ed. from North Carolina State University. He is a member of the National Speaker’s Association as well as the Association for Talent Development.

Jones believes the key to success is being passionate about certain things in life, including family, spiritual beliefs, career and relationships. He is active in his community and because of his commitment to improving the lives of others, Jones has been presented the Distinguished Service Award by the Charlotte Jaycees.

When not working with some amazing individuals and organizations seeking better results, Jones resides in North Carolina with his wonderful wife Lisa and their two perfect daughters.

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