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Available Now: 'Feel the Difference' CU Awareness Toolkit
Wednesday, November 30, 2016 7:00 AM

Cornerstone Credit Union League has been rolling out the Feel the Difference awareness campaign toolkit to credit unions for several months through presentations at events and at chapter meetings, and now we're delighted to announce that these valuable resources are available online for all of Cornerstone's member credit unions in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Cornerstone SVP Communications and Outreach Jon Gorman describes the campaign as a multi-tier effort in which Cornerstone will work to overcome consumer misperceptions of the credit union difference—a difference you can feel—while also providing credit unions with tools, resources, and strategies to impact consumer consideration of and commitment to credit union membership.

"We know that each individual credit union brand faces the same initial challenges and barriers based on the position of the industry as a whole," Gorman says. "Therefore, a success for the industry is a success for every credit union. That being the case, Cornerstone is committed to helping advance our shared cause for the good of the credit unions that we serve."

The materials and strategies, including a summary of the qualitative and quantitative research findings, can be used by credit unions and chapters now and into 2017 when Cornerstone will begin an aggressive paid digital advertising campaign to affect consumer awareness of credit unions among millennials, Generation X, and underbanked and unbanked Hispanics.

The purpose of this paid digital campaign, ultimately, will be to drive consumers to a credit union near them from a list of Cornerstone member credit unions. In short, our efforts will drive prospects right to your website, without any investment of your own.

"This campaign respects and supports the brands, products, and services of our members in a way that is complementary to the individual credit union and chapter efforts while working to get them all speaking from the same script and in a coordinated and participatory effort," Gorman says.

"Having previously worked for large banks and now advocating for the credit union movement, we truly appreciate the difference," said Frank Guerra, CEO and founder of GDC Marketing and Ideation, the creative agency supporting Cornerstone’s and the Awareness and Outreach Committee’s efforts. "This campaign communicates that difference in a way that connects with consumers who are just plain tired of the big banks."

"I want to acknowledge the tremendous work of our Awareness & Outreach Committee, and especially Committee Chairman Jim Brisendine, CEO of Resource One CU in Dallas, and Vice Chairman Gina Wilson, CEO Oklahoma Central CU in Tulsa," adds Gorman. "Without the commitment to the project by the entire committee, made up of representatives from credit unions across the region with interests in marketing, communications, and growing awareness, we could not have accomplished all we did."

Cornerstone has spent the past few months generating excitement around the campaign through presentations at chapter meetings and at Cornerstone events, including the New Ideas Conference, Chapter Leaders Conference, Young Professionals Conference, and the Marketing & Business Development Conference. Responses from credit union professionals have been overwhelmingly positive. For instance:

  • “Appreciate the content to use and get the CU difference out there.”
  • “Loving it!”
  • “Great research & data & methodology! Great presentation. I'm so excited about these resources!”
  • “Can't wait to start using the tool kit! Thank you, Cornerstone, you nailed this one!”
  • “I really liked the information that was presented and I'm really glad that we're going to be able to utilize the resources.”

We invite you to browse the Feel the Difference landing page to consider those resources for your future marketing efforts.