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Andy Andrews Kicks Off Cornerstone Annual Meeting with Heartfelt Laughs and Insights
Wednesday, April 12, 2017 6:40 AM

The 2017 Annual Meeting keynoter was the dynamic Andy Andrews, who kept the crowd enthralled and entertained with his energy and insights on competition and what we know as "customer service."

Andrews offered many poignant takeaways and one-liners, including: You can't believe everything you think." He was told this quote when he was young, and it stayed with him and led him to a place of "continuing to unpack things that people already knew were true, because things can be true and not the truth."

"What I do is help people compete at such a level that the competition doesn't know there's a game going on," he said. "It's easier than you think, because everybody competes the same way." 

Even if your credit union is better than others, he says, the best you can hope for is to beat the competition by a little bit. "People generally compete with product and price or rules. And everybody knows the fundamentals and best practices." 

After describing what a coach tells his football team—knowing that the other team's coach is telling his players the same thing—Andrews says the difference is learning to compete from the whistle to the next snap instead of from the beginning of the game to the end of the game.

Cornerstone's Annual Meeting theme, "make a lasting impression," made quite an impression on Andrews, who has seen a lot of bland mottos and themes that don't really say much in his speaking experience. "This one made me smile," he said. "And I thought to myself, I hope they keep that to themselves—don't want your competition to get wind of that."

Andrews notes that everybody competes with price and product, but the way you make a lasting impression is competing from the whistle to the next snap.

"Customer satisfaction is not where the win is. It's the lowest bar you can possibly hit and still stay in business. Think about it; anything less, and you're in trouble."

To hit the lowest bar, most customers will say, "I better be satisfied; I paid for it."

The real win, Andrews says, is in the word of mouth that comes from an enthusiastic customer who can't stop talking about his experience with you to others; who exuberantly recommends you to others based on his first-person, first-hand experience.

"It's so huge that if your word of mouth is that great, your competition can't catch or beat you," Andrews said. "If your word of mouth is horrible, you can't throw enough money at it to make a difference."

"Doesn't matter what business you do, the product is you," he said. "You are the product."