2016 ALM Educational Audio/Visual CD Series

Presented by Dr. Charles R. Idol

The first of two segments of the ALM educational audio/visual CD series presented by Dr. Charles R. Idol titled “Credit Union ALM Trends and Economic/Rate Outlook for 2016” is now available from ALM Resources and Cornerstone Credit Union League.

In this 80-minute ALM educational CD, Dr. Idol discusses four significant credit union ALM-related topics for 2016 of interest to credit union managements, boards, and asset/liability management committees (ALCOs).

  1. Balance sheet (loans, shares, and investments), liquidity, earnings, and loan quality trends at federally-insured credit unions (FICUs) over the six years since the 2008-09 recession.
  2. The prospects for continued moderate economic growth, near 2% inflation and a relatively strong nationwide job market in 2016.
  3. Timing and magnitude of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy to allow for higher interest rates later this year.
  4. ALM strategies for 2016 to improve (or maintain) spreads and mitigate interest rate risk.

The CD has 16 topical segments (each running from three to ten minutes) that can be viewed selectively in a single 80-minute viewing or selectively from an on-screen outline that allows pausing for discussions and questions.

Topical Segments on the November 2016 CD

  • FICU Loan Mix Rose to a Seven-Year High 65.3% in 2015 and Liquidity Continued to Fall
  • Loans Grew 10.4% in both 2015 and 2014 with Auto Loans up 13.9% Last Year versus 15.8% Auto Growth in 2014
  • Total Share Growth Last Year was a Six-Year High 6.7%
  • FICU Investments Portfolios Rose a Modest 1.7% in 2015
  • Stable Spreads and Net ROAs with Near Record-High Loan Quality
  • Real Estate and Business Loan Delinquencies are Now Both 1% or Less
  • December 2015 FICU Peer Statistics (6,021 FICUs with TAs of $1.2 Trillion)
  • Continued Moderate Economic Growth Expected in 2016
  • Economic Expectations for 2016: Positive Factors, Negative Factors, and Bottom Line
  • Money Market Trends: Still Near Record-Low Rates with Modest Yield Curve Flattening
  • Rate Outlook for 2016
  • Expected FICU Loan/Share Growth in 2016: Continued Lower Liquidity Expected this Year
  • ALM Strategies for 2016: Controlling Asset Durations and Extending Liability Durations
  • April Dividend Guidelines: Rationale for Pricing Share Certificates
  • April Loan Pricing Guidelines: Pricing Loans to Maintain ROA Targets
  • Pricing Credit Spreads: Consistent Net Loan Spreads (ROAs) for All Credit-Risk Classes

The November CD is part of a two-CD series (a second CD will be provided in October that will look forward into 2017) training tool designed to offer credit union management teams, board members, and ALCO members ongoing ALM education throughout the year in a convenient/cost-effective manner.  The CDs can be viewed individually or in group gatherings (such as board educational sessions, ALCO meetings, or strategic planning venues).  This semiannual CD series is a collaborative joint production of Dr. Charles Idol’s ALM Consulting & Research, Cornerstone Credit Union League ALM Resources, and iCap Leverage, Inc.

View a sample of the presentation.

Cost: $199.00 - Complete 2016 ALM Educational CD Series (April and November CD set)

For more information, please contact Vicki Harris, Financial Analyst in ALM Resources at 800-442-5762 ext. 6497 or 469-385-6497.

PDF ALM Economic Outlook CD Order Form -- April and October 2016