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All Things Lucky
Monday, March 21, 2016 6:35 AM

From the Agility Recovery Blog

St. Patrick’s Day might be over, but there's a lot to say about luck throughout the year. All of us could most likely say that we’ve had our share of lucky breaks, for instance. We’ve all been at the right place at the right time at some point or another. And we’d all say that a disaster "would never happen to me." Right?

The truth is, although we’ve all experienced luck and might consider ourselves “lucky people,” certain things we shouldn’t leave up to luck. Even if you’re a person who makes your own luck by being proactive and prepared, sometimes irony strikes unexpectedly, and you find yourself "down on your luck."

Let us remind you of an ironic story that happened not too long ago…

A prospective Agility member, a duck farmer out in Indiana, had a generator permanently onsite—the reason being that if he ever lost utility power, he would be able to keep his hatchery building heated and ventilated so the next batch of their product would remain intact. He had the generator set up right next to the hatchery to minimize the time it would take to move over to the generator power. The only trouble? The exhaust pipe of the generator was struck by lightning, which started a fire that burned the hatchery down.

The reason we bring up this story is to point out that even when you do all of the right things and think you have it all figured out, sometimes your luck just runs out. While you obviously can’t prepare for every interruption, you can significantly reduce your risk by testing your plan against a worst-case scenario.

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