Advocacy Award Programs

The CAPITOL AWARD and ImPACt AWARD are the highest-level ADVOCACY awards that a credit union or individual can receive for their participation in political action fundraising and grassroots activity.  These awards recognize those whose efforts have gone above and beyond in their support of advocacy at the state and/or federal level. Award winners will be recognized at the Cornerstone League Annual Meeting.


Capitol AwardThe League recognizes credit unions that excel in their advocacy efforts via the CAPITOL AWARD program.

This award acknowledges credit unions at two levels based on their asset size; those $50M or less in assets and those greater than $50M.  To receive the CAPITOL AWARD, credit unions must participate in the following essential advocacy activities:

  • Run Project Zip Code
  • Meet PAC fundraising goal
  • Respond to critical legislative and regulatory calls to action
  • Sign up for CU: R.O.A.R

To track your progress throughout the year use the following worksheet.

Spreadsheet Capitol Award Worksheet


imPACt AwardThe League recognizes credit union professionals that excel in their political action fundraising via the ImPACt AWARD.

The ImPACt AWARD recognizes individuals, credit unions and chapters for their PAC contributions in two ways – actual dollars contributed to their state PAC as well as percent of goal achieved.  Below are the categories for the ImPACt Award:

  • Top Individual Contributor
  • Top Credit Union Contributor
  • Highest Percent of Goal by Chapter
  • Highest Percent of Goal by Credit Union
  • Top Chapter Contributor

Timeframe for these award is a calendar year, January to December, and the information for these awards is tracked by the Advocacy department.